Glover (PlayStation)

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Protagonist: Glover
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: PlayStation
Release Date: NA: November 30, 1999
EU: October 4, 1999
Developer: Interactive Studios
Publisher: Atari Interactive
Made in: United Kingdom
Franchise: Glover
Next Game: Glover 2 (cancelled)

Glover is a platforming game developed by Interactive Studios and published by Hasbro Interactive[1] for the Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation. While the Nintendo 64 and Windows versions have been praised as good game, the PlayStation version was critically panned.


A wizard rules a kingdom through his castle. He makes potions with the help of 2 magical gloves. One day, one of the gloves shakes the wrong potions, and when the Wizard puts it in, the mixture explodes, making the gloves fly off. One flys out the window and the other one flies into the potion, which turns the wizard into a statue. The glove that fell out the window is named Glover, and after finding out the green crystals started to fall, he turns them into bouncy balls and all of them land in the different worlds. The other glove in the potion, was Glover's brother, turned into an evil glove named Cross-Stitch, and he wants to stop Glover.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor FMV opening. Not to mention it is somewhat different to the rendered intro seen in the Nintendo 64 and PC version.
  2. Horrible graphics compared to other versions of the game.
  3. Long load times which were also absent in other versions of the game.
  4. Clunkier controls.
  5. Runs slower compared to the Nintendo 64 version.
  6. Mr. Tip (the hat that gives the player hints) is replaced with generic question marks.
  7. Aiming the ball, no matter what type it is, is a pain due to the poor controls.
  8. You can finish puzzles very easily unlike the N64 version, making the puzzles Pointless.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The new intro does give us a glimpse that Glover's Brother started the events of the game on purpose (he shook the potion with an evil look on his eyes, and then winks at the audience when he is on the Wizard's hand) instead of the wizard accidentally putting in the wrong potions in in the Nintendo 64 and PC intro.
  2. The remixed music from the PC version of the game is used in this version.


  1. Published under the Atari Interactive brand on the PlayStation



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