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Nikita Ghost RUS Games
His game is as empty and hallow as a ghost.
Profile: Ghost_RUS
Style: Game Developer
Date Joined: 2017
Twitter: Ghost_Rus1
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 271

Nikita "Ghost_RUS" Games is a Russian "game developer" who published his "games" on Steam since October 2017 until his account was terminated in June 2018 and later came back a month later. He is infamous for releasing many games with distorted graphics, asset flips, odd gameplay and themes and even stolen assets.

Why He Sucks

  1. Much like other asset flippers on Steam, his "games" are basically shovelwares made using various assets. At the time when this article was created, he had released 36 games in less than 8 months.
  2. His "visual novels" are notorious for having horribly distorted graphics, which Ghost_RUS intentionally distorting to make "A special graphics style not common for visual novels". he also sells an "artbook" which is basically every CGs featured in that game.
  3. His "visual novels" also had terrible soundtrack, and he also shamelessly sold "soundtrack" on the store.
  4. Not only he is using various assets to make a game, he is also stealing various models and assets from other games such as Doom, Doom 3, Left 4 Dead 2, Garry's Mod, etc, and even assets from various mods and wads, like some Wolfenstein 3D ones.
  5. He reskinned many of his games and released them all over again, the most extensively reskinned game is Santa World, which got reskinned 9 times.
  6. He occasionally intentionally and incorrectly tagged his game's categories with "Anime" tags to make his games appear when Steam users searched for anime games, also trying to attract attention from Anime fans (including weaboos).
  7. Many of his games had absurd, and sometimes even offensive concept. A few examples are Putin VS ISIS, Gay World, Africa Hunting, My Little Bomb and Vietnam War Puzzle. Most of them feel like they are just attempts to gain some attention and revenue through cheap shock value.
  8. He usually makes a game based on a meme and popular events on the Internet, such as My Little Bomb (released when tensions between North Korea and United States got worse), President Trump: The Way in Uganda (mixture of Donald Trump and Do You Know The Way meme), Fidget Spinner in Space, though even then, all of his games have a poor grasp of source materials.
  9. Since he is a fan of gay porn parody series Gachimuchi, he created many games based on said meme and all of them were of a bad quality (so bad that many of Gachimuchi fans also disliked them). Also, many of his Gachimuchi games feature a lot of homoerotic content, such as Deep gachiGASM, a "space shooter" that features PENISES as projectiles.
  10. Since he viewed his "games" as a "joke", he ignore critism and does not trying to improve his game.

Redeeming Quality

  1. He made an asset flip to mock loot boxes, named Loot Box Simulator 20!8.




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