Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
Getting Over It official logo.jpg
Making a game to deliberately make players angry is never a good idea, Bennett Foddy.
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS
December 6, 2017
April 25, 2018
Developer: Bennett Foddy
Publisher: Humble Bundle

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy (commonly known as Getting Over It) is a platforming game developed by Bennett Foddy and published by Humble Bundle on December 6, 2017. An Android port was later released four months later.

Why It Intentionally Sucks

Note: The game was made as a joke.

  1. The entire game is built around ticking off every single little anger bombs that you may be harbouring, causing you to get so angry that you have the urge to destroy your stuff. It's no wonder why so few people have completed the game.
  2. The whole game is made out of nothing but stock assets purchased from the Unity Store, making the game an asset flip. The player character Diogenes is the Store's default human male model too!
  3. Ridiculously clunky controls where you move Diogenes's Yosemite hammer using nothing but your cursor or right analogue stick if you're using a controller. This is worse for the latter due to the lack of precision.
  4. Diogenes's grunts can get annoying as you'll be hearing them a lot every time you lift him to another part of the map.
  5. Bennett Foddy's narration, while good, can get very annoying and grating as he'll sarcastically mock and pity you a lot every time you fall off a section of the game's map, which will happen very frequently.
  6. If you're not gaining progress at all or keep falling down a lot, Bennett will play old songs mocking you for your failure.
  7. The bat jumpscare at the church bell becomes way too predictable after the first playthrough of the game.
  8. At times, a present can fall from the sky near you at the anvil area. Investigating the present will result in the same jumpscare as the church bell.
  9. The snow zone is one of the more difficult parts as the snow makes it difficult for Diogenes's Yosemite hammer to grip onto the rocks.
  10. The game also partly rips off Sexy Hiking, a similar game made by Czech developer Jazzuo in 2002 and served as the inspiration for the former.
  11. There is a snake located near the snow zone. Hooking it with the Yosemite hammer will automatically cause Diogenes to be sent back to the beginning of the game.
  12. There is only one autosave throughout the game, which means if you hook the aforementioned snake, you'll continue from the beginning.
  13. Spoiler alert: You'll be rewarded with a live chatroom to chat with other players of the game and Bennett Foddy. Sharing it with others online will automatically get you banned from the game permanently.
  14. If you never make any mistakes, you can finish the game in 30 minutes! If you were a lucky speedrunner, it is possible to beat it in less than two minutes!
  15. The only reward you'll get for finishing the game 50 times is a golden cauldron.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's funny to see Let's Players rage at the game.
  2. You can find a lot of nice classic songs in the game.
  3. After a Twitch streamer named RockLeeSmile somehow got himself stuck at the radio tower, Bennett Foddy added a brand-new narration and ending as part of an update.
  4. The controls are easy to pick up.
  5. As WIS number 5 says, Bennett's narration is decent to hear.


  • You can find a nice tribute to the game in Just Cause 4 on a mountainside cliff alongside a recreation of the game on the same mountain too. Bennett Foddy himself even reprised his role as the narrator!


Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy got a positive reception from critics, but mixed to negative reviews from the audience on Metacritic.

Gamereactor gave the game 5/10, praising its easy-to-master controls while criticizing its fidgetiness and how you need a large space for your mouse to play it.

The game became popular after people posted videos of themselves raging at the game's ridiculously unfair mechanics, but it was short-lived.


The game's official trailer




19 months ago
Score 2
I actually like this game despite its flaws.


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Score 2


6 months ago
Score 1
I kinda like the concept of this game.


5 months ago
Score 3
Was this game made as a joke?

Master Chief

3 months ago
Score 2

The Dunkman

5 days ago
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How to tick off Gamers: The Game.

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