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Genshin Impact voice actors harassed during livestreams

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"I'm frustrated. Voice actors don't know everything about the projects we're in. We're normal people with jobs that we do our best on. People make all these assumptions about us and our work, esp with English VAs. There's a lot we can't clarify. But mentally, it's draining."
Zach Aguilar
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Genshin Impact is a 2020 action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game received positive reviews for its gameplay thus being a commercial success. However, it was noted that some voice actors have gotten harassed by fans of the game itself.


On August of 2021, it was also reported that a group of voice actors consisting of Zach Aguilar, Sarah Miller-crews, Stephanie Southerland, Laura Stahl, Kelly Baskin, and Josey Montana McCoy were being attacked by fans of the game over their voice performance. It's even gone to the point where Zach posted a Tweet about the drama that happened.

A month later, on September 27th 2021, it was reported that Chinese voice actress Gui Niang faced a lot of harassment during a livestream. The reason why she got attacked is because of Sangonomiya Kokomi, the character she have voiced, being seen as one of the worst 5-star releases in Genshin Impact so far. As a result, Gui restricted her stream chat after the intimidation she faced over her character.


Afterwards, many have started to support the voice actors during the drama that occurred. Alejandro Saab commented on Zach's Tweet with a "Yeah dude... Thats why never read the comments. But its hard when they are VERY vocal.". There were also non-voice actors who agreed with Zach as well.

As for Gui Niang, many people had felt bad for her after the drama she faced.


This is the stream where Zach and co. got harassed


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