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Genshin Impact anniversary controversy

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Oh, boy. Imagine putting all that effort into a game for a year just to get an underwhelming anniversary in general.

Genshin Impact is a 2020 action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game received positive reviews for its gameplay thus being a commercial success. However, it was noted that the anniversary in general was notable for being underwhelming and not worth all the effort the players have put into the game.


During the past few weeks, miHoYo announced they were giving out rewards for the anniversary by handing out rewards for fanart contests and cosplays. This did not sit well with the fanbase because of the lackluster rewards and this would only apply to a couple of players. A web event movie happened, and the players played to get some Primogems, only to find out there were only 40 Primogems, which is not much compared to the 160 Primogems per roll. Discussion in general got heated and many players have complained about the rewards on HoYoLAB, Reddit, and Discord to the point where the moderators would now ban any further complaints of the said rewards.[1]

There is also something else about the censorship, as it was actually miHoYo themselves censoring the criticism, passing of all the points as spambots when the game was review bombed on Google Play. The criticism in general was censored, and this decision by miHoYo has been widely criticized because of the implication of not caring about the backlash and using those tips to improve on the game's features.[2]

miHoYo themselves responded to the criticism, stating that they have further plans for the anniversary and they wished their players to continue their adventures in Teyvat. They released a 4 bundled anniversary gift with the message "Thank you to all our travellers",[3] and a concert that took place in October 4.



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