Gay World

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Gay World
The reverse version of Kill the Faggot.
Genre: Simulator
Platforms: Windows
Release Date: January 18, 2018
Developer: Ghost_RUS Games
Publisher: Ghost_RUS Games

Gay World is a side-scrolling game created by Nikita "Ghost RUS" Games, the same developer who made Deep Dark Fantasies, and released on Steam in 18 Jan, 2018.

Two months after Gay World was released, another game from the same developer also explored the thematic of a LGBT-only country: Zhmyshenko Valery Albertovich.

Official Description

"2269, in the fictional country of Straightland the state was seized by gays and lesbians. The new government established strict regulations and laws - all straight people were sent to special prisons called GAYLAG, they were re-educated, squats on a bottle and made LGBT warriors from them. Also, special squads were formed to capture straights - Gaypolice, consisting of hot, big guys. But the straight decided not to leave it and went to the insurrection."

Why It Sucks

  1. The game is strangely homophobic, deeming the homosexuals future oppressors and gay culture a piece of "brainwash". You are a gay policeman who arrests straights.
    • Judging by the other games from the same developer, he may not be trying to be offensive whatsoever, just trying to gain attention from gachi fanboys. Nonetheless, this doesn't stop this first thematic from being upsetting for some audiences.
  2. There is also a game mode where you play as a straight man squatting on a bottle. The game will not give an explanation for this, but this mode is based on an extremely unsettling video of a Russian soldier being abused by two supremacist Chechen men. This renders the game offensive and inappropriate even if the "Gay Dictatorship" theme isn't taken seriously.
  3. Boring gameplay. All you do is interact with a bunch of civilians, and check if they're gay or straight.
  4. With about 1 minute it's possible to get all the achievements.
  5. Very bad storyline, filled with plot holes: Where are all the lesbians? Why are all characters either gay or straight men?
  6. Graphics look very bland and amateurish. Many of sprites are reused from Boy Next Door, and also features various Gachimuchi characters just to attract Gachi fans.




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This is heterophobia and homophobia at the same time

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