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Game Informer

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Game Informer
Game Informer logo (2021-present).svg
They're not G.I. Joe, they're G.I. D'oh!
a.k.a.: GI
Type of site: Gaming
Language: English
Created by: Andy McNamara
Owner: GameStop
Date of launch: August 1991
Status: Active

Game Informer (GI, commonly stylised as gameinformer since the 2010s) is an American monthly video game magazine featuring articles, news, strategy guides, and reviews of video games and associated consoles. It also has it's own website as well.

Why They Suck

  1. They are very anti-consumer, such as supporting Epic Games' store's shady practices. Given that they're owned by GameStop, it makes sense.
  2. They are extremely petty, saying that the multiple development delays for The Last Night is good.
  3. They are very biased with their opinions. They certain give games like the Mario Party series bad reviews, and they also typically give bad reviews on Japanese media.
  4. They called the flag of Kekistan a white supremacist symbol when it isn't even related to that and is just supposed to satire social justice culture.
  5. They also make fun of anime fans, saying they have JRPG worship syndrome.
  6. Very incompetent reviews.
  7. They have no qualms about pushing fake news if it suits their narrative.
  8. They even tried to shame the SNK team for adding fanservice into their games.
  9. They are very smug and always like to deem themselves above everyone else.
  10. They even think that horror games can work without danger, even though it's supposed to be the main point of the genre.
  11. They sometimes heavily endorse politics in games and even stated that gamers should vote, even though it's a personal choice.
  12. They also push out clickbait articles and ridiculous trivia questions such as one which mentions Dogmeat's genitalia in Fallout 4.
  13. Hypocripsy: They are very bigoted, yet they label everyone from the south as lazy bigots.
  14. They have a really bad sense of humor.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There magazine covers are very appealing.
  2. Some of the fan art that are summited to the magazine are very good.
  3. They can sometimes make good reviews and article sections every once in a while.
  4. They sometimes cover games that either are different from the final product and/or sadly never saw the light of day.
  5. Thankfully they got their karma by Nintendo sending them a sarcastic award for them poorly reviewing Mario Party and Mario Party 2.


  • Their Australian branch has closed down due to low sales.



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