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Game Grumps
Oh Game Grumps, where have your funny jokes gone without JonTron?
Profile: Game Grumps
Style: Gaming
Date Joined: July 10, 2012
Twitter: GameGrumps
Facebook: GameGrumps
Other Media: Official site: Game Grumps: The Website
No. of videos: 6,801+
Schedule: Everyday
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 5M+

Game Grumps is a gaming YouTube channel that produces Let's Plays. The channel is hosted by Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and formerly Jon "JonTron" Jafari who has been replaced by Daniel "Danny" Avidan.

Why They Suck Now

  1. Ever since Jon left, the channel lost what made it funny; the hilarious dynamic between Arin and Jon. Danny and Arin don't have that great dynamic the previous duo did which leads to a decrease in content quality.
    • In fact, it even went from Arin and Jon (or Dan depending on your view) playing games together and joking about them to Arin (sometimes Dan) playing a game, Dan (or Arin) sitting there doing nothing else but talking and laughing, and Arin missing important parts of the game, and then blames the game for it too.
  2. They make immature and unfunny jokes.
  3. They are massive SJW's, especially Arin. Examples of this include but are not limited to:
    • The time they made a crappy dating sim with Life is Strange tier writing and awkward looking art called Dream Daddy that panders to Tumblr.
    • They also pander to Tumblr by adding trigger warnings to their videos.
    • They once got Dave Kelly (aka Shmorky), a well-known infamous furry SJW (Who turned out to be a pedophile and gaslighter as well) cartoonist to do animations for them.
    • There was a video where he proclaims that women are all better than men.
    • Arin is anti-GamerGate and tried to whiteknight Anita Sarkeesian and Zoë Quinn on twitter.
    • While not really something SJW related, Arin Hanson has also done a lot of stupid things, like when he called out the Sonic The Hedgehog fanbase in this video. Alongside his hate towards the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise in general, he's the primary reason the Hatedom of this franchise is so bad.
  4. Arin's wife Suzy is often shoehorned into the channel's content even though she doesn't add anything and most fans don't like her, going so far as to compare her to Yoko Ono.
  5. Their content has become super lazy, relying on running gags which they insist on driving to the ground and never retiring such as the "my pussy" jokes made by Arin.
  6. Arin once shat himself during a recording and tried to use it as joke material.
  7. Arin is a complete butthole to his friends. One time, he forced Julian and Ding Dong from OneyPlays out of their office after he got mad that they called their video game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator "pandering".
  8. Their Ten Minute Power Hour series sucks. It shares the exact same immature and unfunny jokes from their Let's Plays.
  9. They can repeat the same joke(s) throughout the entire gameplay. An example can be their playthrough of Sonic and the Secret Rings, where they sing parts of a random song fifty-four times in a row.
  10. Arin rages a lot, to the point where it gets annoying.
  11. They make fun of video game fans.
  12. They get boring at times.
  13. And that's not all! Even Barry and Kevin, the two most famous editors, left the channel too. Ever since they left, the channel started to get even more boring and irritating. Ben doesn't have the same editing feel like Barry and Kevin have. The channel's not gonna be the same without Barry and Kevin.
  14. But wait, there's more! They focus WAY TOO MUCH on the Game Grumps and Game Grumps VS. videos revolving around Arin and Dan while ignoring Steam Train, Steam Rolled and Grumpcade respectively. And believe us, when we say "WAY TOO MUCH", we mean it. As a result, the other members of this channel, such as Brian and Ross (and occasionally Suzy to an extent), are left out.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As mentioned before they used to be good when Jon was on the show.
  2. Some of their current videos can be funny, like the episode (the 4th one specifically) where they read the page on this wiki for Zelda's Adventure during their playthrough of it.
  3. Some funny jokes here and there.
  4. The other shows had actually funny jokes.
  5. The main show was good until around 2016/late 2017.
  6. Some good people such as Ross, Kevin and Brian.
    • Speaking of Brian, the Grumpcade episodes revolving around him and Audrey are enjoyable. It shows that Brian is a good father to Audrey in these videos, which is nice.
  7. To be fair, despite his flaws, Dan doesn't seem like a jerk in general outside of Game Grumps.





4 months ago
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I remember this page being questionably deleted by TyrantRex.


4 months ago
Score 1
It was? Why? Other than being an "overreaction".


3 months ago
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His "opinion" and "nitpick" excuse.

Obi-Wan Skywalker86

4 months ago
Score 1
How a might have fallen.


3 months ago
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Here's me opinion on this page.

For bad quality 1: honestly I think Danny was a great succesor to jontron, and if anything, ware even funnier then before! Though arin is a moron in fairness.

Bad quality 2: well those jokes they tell do make me laugh so...maybe it depends on what people they are.

Bad quality 5: i agree, the my pu@@@@ joke is annoying.

Bad quality 6: in his defense he did it out of rage.

Bad quality 3:... thats...concerning,

Remember its my opinion


3 months ago
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I wish JonTron came back to Game Grumps.


3 months ago
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I wanna punch Arin in the face so bad.


2 months ago
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i honestly think that sjw now feels like a buzzword to describe anything you don't like


2 months ago
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I'm glad Danny and Jon are doing well on their own respective channels (NinjaSexParty and JonTron)


2 months ago
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Why is game grumps the only never canceled despite arin being the ass he is and a hypocrite and you know i used to like them but they just suck except dan.

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