Game Boy Micro

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Game Boy Micro
A micro system with micro quality.
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: JP: September 13, 2005
NA: September 19, 2005
CHN: October 1, 2005
AU: November 3, 2005
EU: November 4, 2005
KOR: November 9, 2005
Predecessor: Game Boy Color
Successor: Nintendo DS
Competitors: Nokia N-Gage
PlayStation Portable
Generation: Sixth generation
Discontinued: JP: November 18, 2008
AUS: May 16, 2009
EU: October 16, 2009
NA: December 9, 2009
KOR: 2009

The Game Boy Micro (also known as Game Boy Advance Micro or GBA Micro) is a smaller version of the Game Boy Advance and is the third and final model of the system as well as the last model in the Game Boy line, alongside the AGS-101 version of the Game Boy Advance SP. It was released between September and November 2005 and was discontinued in Japan in 2008 and worldwide in 2009.

Why It Won’t Make Your Life Advanced

  1. Similar to why the Wii Mini was pointless, it was released nearly ten months after the GBA's successor, the Nintendo DS and nearly six months before the DS Lite, both of which were backwards compatible with GBA games (though that feature was removed from the DSi and later handhelds).
  2. It used to be priced the same as the GBA SP (both were US$99.99 at launch) and now it's priced higher despite the downgrades that it had from the original model and SP.
    • Like the original DS and DS Lite, the ability to play original Game Boy and Game Boy Color games was dropped due to design changes, making its existence completely pointless.
    • Support for the e-reader and Nintendo GameCube connectivity were removed. Likewise, the NDS supports the e-Reader, but not the GameCube adapter.
    • It had a shorter battery life than the previous models.
  3. The name of the system can be considered false advertising because it doesn't have the word "Advance" in it.
  4. The small screen makes text difficult to read.
  5. Some stores delayed the release of the system because of it being a dumb novelty.
  6. The game link port was changed.
  7. The design's small size makes it very uncomfortable for some gamers to use for too long.
  8. One of its commercials had a mouse humping the system inside a labyrinth. We kid you not. Even SMG4 couldn't help but ridicule this scene by having Mario clicking the unsee button

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although it was more expensive than the SP model, it was still cheaper than the DS/DS Lite/DSi. (Unfortunately, it now costs even more than them.)
  2. While it does have some downgrades, it still has the rechargeable battery and illuminated screen, which were already on the SP, but not the original model.
    • On the topic of the illuminated screen, it's brighter than the AGS-001 version of the SP, as it uses a backlight instead of a frontlight. This model actually released around the same time as the backlit AGS-101 model of the SP, which has about the same brightness as the Micro.
    • It also brought back the headphone jack, which was removed on the SP model.
    • While the game link port being changed is inconvenient, at least the system retained the ability to play multiplayer games, unlike the original DS and DS Lite.
  3. The face plate could be swapped out for face plates with graphic designs on them.



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