Galaga: Destination Earth

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Galaga: Destination Earth
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This is not Namco's work! It’s a copycat of their work!
Genre(s): Shooter
Platform(s): Sony PlayStation
Game Boy Color
Microsoft Windows
Release: September 23, 2000
Developer(s): King of the Jungle
Pipe Dream Interactive (Game Boy Color)
Publisher(s): Hasbro Interactive

Galaga: Destination Earth is a shooter game developed by King of the Jungle (a division of Unique Development Studios) and published by Hasbro Interactive for the PlayStation, PC and a separate version of the Game Boy Color.

Why It Sucks

PlayStation and PC

  1. Uninspired gameplay, which is way similar to Starfox.
  2. Only nine stages, which makes the game fairly short.
  3. Basic shooting techniques.
  4. Boring missions.
  5. No secondary functions for the blaster that your ship is equipped with.
  6. Too much going on at once, and when that happens the game lags a lot.
  7. Your ship often blinds you to head-on attacks.
  8. Only three continues, and if they are used up you start all over again. The lack of a save feature doesn't help ether.
  9. Ugly polygon graphics and texture flickering, even for a fairly late PS1 title.
  10. No multiplayer mode which even the worse Game Boy Color version had.

Game Boy Color

  1. Only one mode featured in the game.
  2. No bonus stages, which the original Galaga had.
  3. Terrible power-ups.
  4. Awful controls.
  5. Repetitive sound effects and music.
  6. Ugly sprites and graphics, even by GBC standards.
  7. Ridiculously simple gameplay.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The soundtrack is great, courtesy of Jolyon Myers. It even has a reorchestration of the Galaga jingle.


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