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GTA Plus

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Bethesda: Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

GTA Plus (or GTA+) is a subscription service made by Rockstar Games for the 9th generation version of Grand Theft Auto Online.

You have to pay $5.99 per month for the respective "benefits" such as:

  1. 500.000 GTA$ deposited monthly
  2. Access to Member-only Shark Cash Card, with a 15% GTA$ bonus.
  3. Access to claim rotating vehicle-related benefits such as free vehicles and aircraft, early access to upcoming vehicles, vehicle upgrades, discounts and more.
  4. Access to claim property-related benefits such as free properties, property add-ons, discounts, and more.
  5. Access to claim rotating additional rewards such as free clothing, items, vehicle liveries and more.
  6. Access to claim rotating special GTA$ and RP accelerator bonuses, discounts and more.

In the first month, players would be given stuff like the Principe Deveste Eight at the Auto Shop located in La Mesa, waived LS Car Meet Membership fees, upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht with no cost and other stuff.

Why It Subtracts From The Experience

Note: While this will focus the service in general, it will also focus on the first month's content.

  1. The main problem is that this service gives barebones content, with nothing special like the money they give you, which is very low for GTA Online, especially when vehicles from recent updates cost from 5 to 7 million dollars, sometimes more. Not only that, but you can get more money by doing The Cayo Perico Heist.
  2. In the first month, they gave away the Principe Deveste Eight, which costs 1.8 million GTA$, and it's from February 2019. Basically, they're giving you an old car.
  3. The free upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht is rather useless, because many other players most likely already have the Aquarius Super Yacht.
  4. The waived LS Car Meet Membership fees gave the players 50.000 GTA$, which is even lower than 500.000 GTA$.
  5. If you become a GTA Plus member, they will give you exclusive GTA+ Shark Cards! This shows that even with subscription services, they just can't let go of Shark Cards.
  6. This subscription service somehow managed to be worse than Fallout 1st, since despite that subscription let you pay ridiculous prices, they give you actual benefits, while this service basically gives you nothing.
  7. They started locking out certain mission stuff behind the subscription, like the diamonds in the Casino Heist.


Upon announcement, the service was unsurprisingly met with negative reception from players and GTA fans due to the subscription service giving very lackluster content.



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