GP vs. SuperBike

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GP vs. SuperBike
This game is so terrible that it was delivered as a bonus to cereal.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: May 31, 2008
Developer: Interactive Entertainment
Publisher: IncaGold
Avanquest Software Publishing
Made in: United Kingdom

GP vs. SuperBike is a racing game released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows. It was developed by British developer Interactive Entertainment, and co-published by IncaGold and Avanquest Software Publishing.


GP vs. SuperBike pitches racing cars against motorbikes. You can choose racing with either one of the vehicle types, and can also select racing against the same vehicle type or against both. The controls consist in accelerating, breaking, steering and changing gears, as befits a racing game.

There are four Game Modes, including Trainer, Practice, Weekend and Championship. In Practice and Weekend, qualifying is necessary before racing a track, while in Championship Mode, tracks must be played in a preset order.

The game can be played in six difficulties, such as Rookie, Novice, Amateur, Semi Professional, Professional, and Ace. Thus, it can be played from a very arcade-like approach to a more professional simulation one, with the exception of the Ace difficulty, all can be tweaked by the user, turning settings on and off.

Why It Sucks

  1. Unimaginably horrible graphics for the period the game came out. Theoretically, it is a game from 2008, but the graphics level is reminiscent of games from 15 years ago, and may even be comparable to the first Need for Speed game. The quality of the textures cries out to heaven when it comes to the level of total embarrassment, nature objects are extremely hideous to the eyes, a background that is incredibly blurred to such an extent that even in PlayStation games there was no such blurring, and the rest of the visual disaster is total poverty in its entirety. It is also worth mentioning the spectators in the tribune, who are hopeless textures, instead of 3D objects like the models of opponents, the same also applies to the tires, both built into the vehicle and next to the tribune.
  2. The game is terrible in terms of the music that not only plays in the main menu, but the song itself is extremely bad, which rapes the ears and causes nightmares for many who have had the opportunity to play it.
  3. The sound effects are horrendously bad. The sounds of the engine of Grand Prix cars sound like a mixer, the brake sounds like a door squeaking, and the collision of the wall and/or a vehicle sounds sound like hitting a table.
  4. GP vs. SuperBike is the definition of a racing game with no idea what physics is. When you collide with an object, for example old tires, advertising walls, or other objects on the route, the vehicle will not bounce and the feeling of a crashed vehicle, but after the collision you are teleported a few centimeters away from the site of the last road accident.
  5. A virtually non-existent artificial intelligence that makes the game completely boring to play. They only follow the exact path surrounded by programmers without even trying to stop you. All this means that the opponents are just living ornaments, completely ignoring what position or lap they are in.
  6. The controls are so tedious, they are causing the game barely playable. The problems faced by vehicles to a large extent include delayed turns and brakes.
  7. Before the next lap, the pit stop for the Grand Prix cars is barricaded because the entrance is definitely too tight. And for this, nothing was implemented in the pit stop, except for the place itself. That's why it is not possible to refuel gasoline and repair the vehicle itself.
  8. There is total chaos in the main menu, as not only looking at settings is unreadable and discouraging, there are many unnecessary settings that will barely change the gameplay anyway.
  9. This game is generally a low effort SuperBike Racing reskin with thrown bugs and inferior graphics. However, the previous game was no better either, as it was also a reskin, in that case that game used the same assets from Castrol Honda Superbike 2000.
  10. The game is buggy and you can often spot technical issues, especially graphical, such as a texture loading error, sometimes disappearing textures and a piece of vehicle models, and a situation where some textures cannot decide whether they should be flat spectators in the stands or old tires. There is also a bug that completely ruins the gameplay, so after lap 11, when you are supposedly obliged to drive to a non-functioning pit stop, the vehicle for some unknown reason stops halfway through that lap, making the game practically unplayable, at least it happens on the Belgium track. Fortunately, this issue won't arise when you set it to less than ten laps.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The routes layout are done correctly. They are designed for typical Grand Prix races and refer to given countries of the world, which probably exist.


  • It is the last racing game published by IncaGold and the last game ever developed by Interactive Entertainment.
  • The game was added as a bonus disc for Nestlé cereal, similiary to Midnight Racing, another racing game by IncaGold.




Man who turned Evil

9 months ago
Score 1
There was a glitch that reviewer encountered which stops your vehicle for good.


9 months ago
Score 0
This is where majority of Polish YouTuber such as MaciekGMP40, Rojson AKA Rojo and BartekGM have played this game so far.


9 months ago
Score 0
Only NRGeek is missing


24 days ago
Score 2
I would rather play Big Rigs than this shit.


9 days ago
Score 1
Me too. Big Rigs is an unfinished piece of shite, but it is at least funny, while GP vs. SuperBike is not only boring, but barely playable, and eye-bleeding to look.

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