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Free Money Scam Apps
"We've got to have... money!" - Mr. Lickboot, Tom and Jerry: The Movie
Genre: Various
Platforms: iOS
Release Date: 2020 - Present

Free Money Scam Apps are games/apps that trick the player into believing that they will earn free money with their app, only to actually do the exact opposite. These games were started in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which many people stayed at home instead of working. Unlike most apps that give you money for playing other games and taking surveys (Swagbucks for other good instances), these apps are scamming your time and won't give you money.

Why They Suck

  1. These games are usually reskins of each other: many of the their games use the same game engine Unity, which means they can be easily reskinned to make the app look like a different one.
    • Kitty Town is a reskin of Puppy Town, but with puppies replaced with kittens.
  2. Many of the games also ripoff other legit games, such as Lucky Blast in which rips off Toy Blast.
  3. They are often very boring, all you do is click on the screen and watch video ads to get more balls to drop.
  4. All they do is spam advertisements in your face; in fact, if you want to earn "free money" you have to watch ads to get more balls or wait for a long time.
    • Some apps even give you an ad for declining the reward ad, making it a scummy way to give someone an ad.
    • Sometimes some games do not have ads, and instead give you a test ad.
    • Some games, like Tree for Money, require you to watch 100 Video Ads just to redeem a $100 card.
  5. Some games, like Tree for Money, have a subscription service for $10 that get rid of the ads for a week. You are basically spending $10 for nothing.
  6. These games are programmed to stop giving you the money coins at a certain number (usually $90) which are required to get the PayPal rewards. The same goes for the fruits in which the missing fruits you will need will not spawn.
  7. Even some apps that require you to do surveys and do offers, are also scams. Such as Clipclaps, they will decline your withdraw for the reason "irregular activity" despite them not telling the user what they did, even the $0.10 payment can get declined and you won't get it at all.
  8. False Advertising: Many of these games ads claim that they give a lot of real money in your PayPal, but in reality it is all fake and the games do not work.
    • Many of the ads are usually made in China, due to horrible grammar and poor lip-syncing.
      • Some of these ads use Text To Speech, in which is very noticeable.
    • Some even steal video clips of people's reactions.
      • Some of the ads, notably the Skillz ones (A another scam app developer) pay celebrities' Cameos to make them look good, so they can get more downloads. And they don't even bother to blur out the Cameo watermark.
        • In fact, some of these developers steal clips from Vinsane/App Crusader and then edit them to make their app look good. Vinsane later told people that if they see him in an ad, the game is a scam.
  9. Many of the games are poorly optimized and crash a lot.
  10. These games are even are often allowed by Google Play, due to how horrible the quality control is on there.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some games have beautiful graphics. Too bad they are used in a scam game.

How to spot a scam game like this

  1. If the game is in early access mode, these are usually done to hide reviews.
  2. Getting money upon booting up the game for the first time.
  3. Huge amount of in-game currency in order to redeem a $2-5 card.
  4. Advertisements that claim to earn you large amounts of money
    • The ads for the games have a text saying: "Result is not guranteed. Amount paid to you is subjected to the rules."




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It's a good thing that App Crusader aka Vinsane is exposing these games.


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cha ching cha ching cha chingaring money oh money oh how greedy i am

- MrKrabs


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apps such Whaff can be enter here?

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