Forza Street

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Forza Street
Forza, reduced to a always-online pay-to-win mobile game.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: April 15, 2019
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer: Electric Square
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Franchise: Forza
Previous Game: Forza Horizon 4 (2018)
Next Game: Forza Motorsport (upcoming)

Forza Street is a racing video game developed by Electric Square and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is the twelfth overall title of the Forza series, and the first entry that's not part of either the main Motorsport or Horizon series.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor gameplay, in a similar vein to CSR Racing 2, but instead of controlling when to shift gears, you control when to brake and accelerate at a corner. You never get to control the steering of a car.
  2. Micro-transactions galore, as expected of F2P games.
  3. It's far from being an actual Forza installment, and it somehow has less gameplay than even Need for Speed: No Limits!
  4. This game's size is way too large even by mobile devices' standards.
  5. Lackluster graphics that look more like a 7th gen game, despite running on Unreal Engine 4.
  6. The environment is extremely repetitive, with all of the races taking place around the same four tracks.
  7. False advertising: The Xbox YouTube channel published the announce trailer video, it doesn't show the release date and the game was never released on the Xbox consoles.
  8. Lackluster car list, with many popular brands like Jaguar, Audi, Subaru, Ferrari, etc. missing!
    • Besides that, you cannot even buy your own car. Instead, they are obitainable by cards which are basically loot boxes.
  9. Always-online DRM, which is common in most types of modern free-to-play games.
  10. The camera angle is atrocious at times, when both you and your opponents are passing through a corner at the same time, the camera may be positioned in such a way that the cars block the view of the racing line, preventing you from judging the ideal moment to brake/accelerate.


Forza Street has been poorly received overall, with a strong negative reception due to the fans and critics being upset about the game not being released for the Xbox One, way too large bytes on mobile devices, overly simplistic gameplay and microtransactions.




10 months ago
Score -4
I actually like Forza Street. 10/10.


9 months ago
Score 1
What an embarrassment to the franchise. What were they thinking?


9 months ago
Score 1
Money. :P

Man who turned Evil

6 months ago
Score 0
Well, the main thing that disconvinced me from playing this game is I have to stay online to play the game. The energy level for me isn't a big deal, although being annoyed by getting low value duplicates.

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