Ford Racing Off Road

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Ford Racing Off Road



The bad ending for an hardcore franchise.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
Nintendo Wii
Release Date: Microsoft Windows
EU: March 21, 2008
NA: September 18, 2008

PlayStation 2
EU: March 20, 2008
NA: July 29, 2008

PlayStation Portable
EU: March 20, 2008
NA: July 29, 2008

Nintendo Wii
EU: August 14, 2008
NA: August 26, 2008
Developer: Razorworks
Publisher: EU: Xplosiv
NA: Empire Interactive
Franchise: Ford Racing
Previous Game: Ford Racing: Full Blown

Off Road (released in North America as Ford Racing Off Road) is a 2008 racing video game developed by Razorworks and published by Xplosiv in Europe, and Empire Interactive in North America. It is the seventh and final game of the Ford Racing series. It is also the only game in the series to feature vehicles by Land Rover, which was owned by Ford Motor Company at the time. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo Wii. The game received mostly negative reviews.

Why It Sucks

  1. Rubberband and aggressive AI where opponents drive faster than you, especially in the later races.
  2. Sluggish vehicle handling, especially with some trucks such as the 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty and 2008 Ford F-350.
  3. Speaking of trucks, there are only 19 of them, mostly contemporary Ford and Land Rover vehicles of 2008 and some concepts from both brands.
    • What makes this more pathetic and insulting is developers ignored an already existing array of off-road vehicles which featured in Ford Racing 3 and was more diverse and solid than what Off Road had. In FR3, there were classic trucks like 1956 & 1965 F-100, rally cars like Focus, RS200 and Escort RS2000 and Ford EX concept. Land Rover also strangely lacks Range Rover Vogue.
      • Among those vehicles, RS200 was to be included in this game, but scrapped for some reason.
  4. The graphics look like an early PlayStation 2 game than a 2008 game.
  5. Pathetic physics. The vehicles doesn't even dirt compared to many rally games or any game where you can drive in irregular roads in where cars actually can be dirten.
  6. Lazy damage model.
  7. Humongous difficulty spike. Aside the rivals are aggressive, the poor handling and the fact that the first position is important to progress throughout the entire game, this makes some game modes harder. Examples are
    • Gold Rush: The objective is collecting the coins throughout the track and win the race. The problem is that you're forced to drive through the coins close to the walls with opponents tailing to you giving a risk of catch you or in shortcuts in where opponents decimate you as well if you cannot collect enough coins, you lose even in first position.
    • Damage Control: The objective is winning the race while avoiding the damage limit. The problem is that if you're using trucks with bad handling and combining with the aggressive AI, you're in a world of trauma.
    • Expedition: The far worst game mode existed in the series. The objective is collecting all the five artefacts throughout the track. The far worst problem is that the artefact's locations change every single time you restart making it extreme luck based especially in the second one which unlocks the 2007 Land-Rover Discovery [L319].
  8. Few selection of tracks.
  9. Generic music.
  10. The game killed the franchise for good. However, Razorworks and Empire Interactive also died along with the franchise.
  11. Even if you complete the last event from both Career and Tournament, the game won't show the credits despite the game being extremely harder.


Ford Racing Off Road is the last video game in a series where Ford brand was the main focus, which started in 1987 with Ford Simulator series of video games. However none of Ford Simulator games were developed by Empire Interactive, its development was handled by The Soft Ad Group Inc., plus Ford Simulator games were freeware/shareware and published by Ford Motor Company theirselves.


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