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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
Final fantasy xv a new.png
The only thing you’ll find in this empire is a desire to play the actual Final Fantasy XV game, and a refund.
Genre(s): City-building
Platform(s): Android
Release: June 29, 2017
Developer(s): Epic Action
Publisher(s): MZ
Series: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a freemium massively multiplayer online strategy game developed by Epic Action and published by MZ. This game is "based" on Final Fantasy XV's main story.

Why It's Nothing New

  1. Despite borrowing FFXV's title and setting, this game has nothing to do with the main game other than some characters and music. Why create a City Building strategy game based on an Action RPG?
  2. There are so many ads for this game that people are accusing it of being a Ponzi scheme.
  3. The gameplay is copy-pasted from Empire: Four Kingdoms, another city building strategy game that gets copied often.
  4. Extremely boring. All you do is build something and wait a long time for it to finish, or send units to attack other cities.
  5. Tons of overpriced microtransactions that can give All the Bravest a run for its money. For example, the 24-hour city barrier (which protects it from attacks) can cost up to $100.
  6. The game constantly throws ads at you that encourages spending money.
  7. Due to poor reception from Final Fantasy fans, Machine Zone used bots to write positive reviews to increase this game's rating.
  8. These two ads, starring Alexis Ren. No words to describe how horrible they are...
  9. One of the ads for this game is a ripoff of a Game of War interactive ad.



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