Announcement of Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4

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This is not what we wanted, Square Enix!

During a PlayStation Experience keynote, Square Enix came out to announce that Final Fantasy VII, one of the most critically acclaimed video games ever and a game that people have wanted to see remade for almost two decades, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 as a simple port.


Fans who were expecting a remake of Final Fantasy VII for the PS4 were left disappointing and angered because the game was basically the PC port, which would simply be ported again to the PS4.

Many fans started to publish hate messages for Square Enix on Twitter because of all the hype given on the presentation and the overall disappointment on not seeing a remake or even a remaster of the game.

Eventually it was later decided that the game will be a full remake from scratch with Tetsuya Nomura directing and doing the artwork and with many of the original team behind it.


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