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Final Combat

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Final Combat
"You were loud and ugly and now you're DEAD! Amen." - Soldier, Team Fortress 2
Genre(s): First-Person Shooter
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: December 15, 2011
Engine: Final Combat Engine
Developer(s): Pearl Digital Entertainment
Publisher(s): Xunlei Games
Country: China

Final Combat is a Chinese multiplayer first-person shooter developed by XunLei.

Why It Sucks

  1. The whole game is nothing more than an obvious ripoff of Valve's Team Fortress 2, right down to every single thing that Team Fortress 2 have, as well as the game's own character classes being unoriginal copycats of Team Fortress 2's mercenaries:
    • The Rocket is the game's Soldier, thanks to him having an extremely similar appearance, with the only difference being that he is a fireman and not a trooper. His personality, and even his loadout are similar to Soldier (The Rocket's loadout normally consists of a rocket launcher and a pump-action shotgun, as well as one of his unlockable items was a "Battalion's Backup"-esque item that grants a buff to his teammates. Though, he has a fire axe as his melee weapon, much like the Pyro). However, unlike the Soldier, he is incapable of rocket-jumping.
    • The Striker is technically a combination of the Team Fortress 2's Scout and a character who plays like anyone from the Counter-Strike: Source, thanks to the fact that his basic loadout regularly composes of an M16 assault rifle, a Desert Eagle and a frag grenade.
    • The Fatman is the Team Fortress 2 Heavy as a fishmonger (or African-American boxer in case with the Blue team). He also has the Sniper's Kukri as his melee weapon!
    • The Sniper is obviously the game equivalent's Sniper, except that the Sniper in this game is actually female and has a highly oversexualized appearance.
    • The Firebat is basically Pyro from Team Fortress 2 as a creepy clown.
    • The Nurse is Medic, except that the Medic is now a little girl dressing up as a nurse. The game's medic also plagiarize the Medic's "Übercharge" mechanic and her crossbow is just a rip-off of the Crusader's Crossbow.
    • The Mechanic is the Engineer but female, much like the Sniper and the Nurse.
  2. The game copies everything that Team Fortress 2 has, but doesn't have any single elements that makes it fun or simply standing out from that game.
  3. The character classes of this game lacks any charm or personality to their character, unlike the classes of Team Fortress 2.
  4. Framerate issues that happens randomly on any server.
  5. Clunky controls.
  6. Mediocre graphic.
  7. Bland and boring gameplay.
  8. Generic "cartoony" art style that tries way to hard to look similar like Team Fortress 2, but fails miserably.
  9. The game itself is actually a stealth Asset Flipping:
    • One of the maps in this game is straight-up lifted from Battlefield Heroes. Not only it blatantly ripping off a map from random game, but it also makes it a double rip-off. One of the maps also heavily copies Team Fortress 2's koth_harvest map.
    • Most of the in-game character animations, as well as some of the weapons (such as the rocket launcher and the fire axe), are also directly stolen from Team Fortress 2. Heck, they even going as far as to steal the Announcer's voice lines from that game!
  10. Although the game is free to play, you have to pay real world money to do most of the things in this game, such as crafting, purchasing cosmetics, classes' skins, and superior weapons, and even repairing breakable weapons.
  11. Rampant bugs and glitches.
  12. Even though Final Combat is a team-based multiplayer game, the character videos feature some stupid moments that doesn't make absolute sense in a team-based multiplayer game, such as both the Fatman and the Sniper committing team-killing in their respective videos, and a Blue Rocket leading the entire team of Red Rockets in "Meet the Rocket" video.
  13. Forgettable soundtracks.
  14. Even the title of this game is a ripoff, it plagiarize it's name from a 1989 TV show.
  15. The game is currently dead and feels completely forgotten by it's developer, XunLei.



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