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Fighting Force 2 is a 1999 third-person beat ‘em up and shooter game by Core Design and Eidos Interactive, released for the PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast. It is a sequel to the 1997 PlayStation/Nintendo 64/PC game Fighting Force. Another sequel was in development for the PlayStation 2, GameCube & Xbox, but it was cancelled.


The game is set in a cyberpunk future where the world is ruled by powerful corporations. Not only that, human cloning is possible but has been banned by an international treaty. The player, as one of the first game‘s protagonists, Hawk Manson, is sent in by SI-COPS to destroy the Knackmiche Corporation, which has been suspected of developing a bio-weapon based on human DNA.

Why It Sucks

  1. Takes itself way too seriously; the first game is far more silly and humorous by comparison.
  2. Sluggish movement controls.
  3. Awkward camera placement.
  4. A tedious and stiff first-person shooter mode which can be toggled if you use a gun.
  5. Boring and repetitive gameplay which involves fighting the same enemy types over and over again until one of them drops a keycard.
  6. Braindead enemy AI. Oftentimes they fail to see you even if you‘re right in front of them, or noticing a live grenade getting thrown next to them.
  7. Nonsensical item placement; for instance, you can find guns, knives, and grenades in computer monitors, chairs, and security cameras for some reason.
  8. Overly long levels by beat ‘em up standards.
  9. One of the levels, which involves fighting mutants and zombies, doesn‘t really make much sense in the game‘s storyline.
  10. Disappointingly easy boss battles; in fact most of the levels have no bosses.
  11. Extremely scarce checkpoints; if you die, you go back to the beginning of a level unless you find one.
  12. You can only save whenever you beat a level.
  13. A scoring system which is pointless due to a lack of high score rankings.
  14. Blocky graphics. While this is somewhat tolerable in the PlayStation, it‘s downright outdated by Dreamcast standards, although the graphics were improved in the Dreamcast version.
  15. No cooperative multiplayer support, as the back cover says, "You're all alone. Live with the pressure.".
  16. Has barely anything to do with the first game other than a recurring character, Hawk himself. Dr. Zheng, the first game‘s villain, was only mentioned in passing.
  17. Lackluster soundtrack.
  18. Practically every object in the game (including wooden boxes and chairs) explodes when attacked.


Fighting Force 2 was met with worse reception than its predecessor. Most critics and gamers consider it to be simply nothing more than a disappointment from the first game, while others think it's a decent game by its own standards.


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