Fight for Life

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Fight for Life
The Jaguar, actually fighting for life... and what a sad note to end on.
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Atari Jaguar
Release Date: NA: 15 January 1996
EU: 19 April 1996
Developer: Atari
Publisher: Atari

Fight for Life is a 3D fighting game released in 1996 by Atari for their Jaguar system. It was the last official game released for the system, after which Atari stopped their support for the platform. In the game, you pick from eight characters who battle each other for a chance to escape from Hell.

The game is remarked as a notable instance of company abuse over development teams. A single programmer, François Bertrand, had to develop the game on his own, because Atari didn't deliver the resources and staff that were promised to him. Even worse, Atari somehow managed to not pay the programmer all of what they owed him... and got away with it. So, he withheld the finished build of the game from them as retaliation.

This article will cover the retail and unfinished version left by the programmer to Atari, which was only 60% completed. The full version would eventually be released years later in a extremely limited quantity (20 copies) through a fansite.

Why It Sucks

  1. Limited moveset when you start the game due to the game's main gimmick of building your own moveset by stealing moves from each opponent you defeat.
  2. Ugly, blocky polygonal 3D models. The ninja character looks like a janitor with a mask.
  3. Very slow gameplay with sluggish movement and slowdown.
  4. The life-bars go away constantly.
  5. Bad, repetitive music.
  6. The title sequence is unfinished and consists of the fighters standing around doing nothing.
  7. Awful camera system.
  8. if you dont have a pro controller, 3 of your basic moves are relegated TO THE KEYPAD.
  9. combos are impossible.
  10. Shitty ending.
  11. The final boss looks like a black Kamen Rider Amazon due to the awful graphics.
  12. Dumb AI barely attacking and only dodging, sometimes they jump and tounch the barriers of the stage (which are electrified) killing themselves.
  13. The previously told story tells how terrible Atari was as a company. It also proves how low the quality standards for their games were, since they knew that the game was only 60% completed but released it anyways.
  14. This also shows how incompentent their management was, since they gave prototypes to journalists without telling them that those were prototypes, this led to the game gaining extremely bad press, and Atari blaming it on the programmer, and forced him to restart the development of the game. It didn't help that Atari was constantly pushing forward the release date.
  15. It was the last official game ever released for the Jaguar and a bad low note release at that.




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Atari were really that terrible of a company? This is probably why the Atari VCS is going to fail badly.

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