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Felix the Cat (Genesis)

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Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat.png
"I certainly didn't expect this from Felix the Cat."
-Vargskelethor Joel
Protagonist(s): Felix the Cat
Genre(s): Platform
Rating(s): 6+ (likely fake)
Platform(s): Sega Genesis
Release: Early 2011
Developer(s): BMB
Publisher(s): BMB
Country: Russia

Felix the Cat is an unauthorized port of the NES game of the same name by Hudson Soft. It was created in Russia. The developer is not credited anywhere in the game, but it's assumed it was developed by BMB, and published by KDS (Kudos).

Why It Sucks

  1. No boss battles at all, unlike the original NES version.
  2. The game over screen in this port is quite disturbing and gruesome for a kids game as it shows Felix's face is completely torn off, revealing his skull and right eye. (View at your own risk)
  3. Flawed controls and gameplay. Controlling Felix is hard due to abysmal programming.
  4. Unfitting sound effects. at some point, they are nonexistent due to the music's volume.
  5. Horrible ending. It's just an image of Felix with his girlfriend and some text.
  6. The AI is extremely poor.
  7. The game is extremely short and can be finished in 13 minutes.
  8. Very incorrect age rating, as the rating on the cover is 6+, despite the gruesome game over screen. This game should have been rated 16+ or 18+ instead, because of the game over screen. Though, it should be noted that this is the same rating system that gave Miitopia an 18+ (for same-sex relationships, which are considered taboo in Russia) and Nickelodeon All Star Brawl a 16+ (for violence).
    • Given that this is a bootleg, it's likely that the age rating is fake or photoshopped onto the cover/box art.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Unlike the other BMB Games, this game feels a lot like the actual cartoon. (save for the game over screen).
  2. The graphics, while a straight copy of the NES game, look surprisingly good and nice, even by Sega Genesis standards, and are very pleasing to eyes since the color palette looks very soft and looks like a cartoon.
  3. The soundtrack is memorable, catchy, and surprisingly good, especially Song 5 (John Silver - Shanson), Song 6 (Kulor - Ocean Floor), and Song 9 (Darkwing Duck - Sewer), they are so enjoyable to listen to, thanks to the music being made in TFM Music Maker / VGM Music Maker.



  • The level selection screen can be accessed by pausing the game, pressing the C, Up, Down and Right buttons at least 25 times each. A similar cheat code reportedly works on both Chip 'n Dale ports, as well as Darkwing Duck, but it's worth mentioning that the screen itself is exactly the same all throughout and that it says the following: "Code Screen. If you're reading this, then you're either a cheater or the greatest ever developer of this game. Now choose your round, mortal!!!", followed by the word "level" and what appears to be the current version of the game.
  • The continue and the game over themes, as well as sound effects, come from the Mega Drive/Genesis port of Uwol: The Quest for Money. It should be noted that all the sound in both Uwol and Felix the Cat is handled by Shiru's TFM Music Maker, and because the developers of Felix seemingly didn't want to bother with doing original music, this is also the reason to the in game music playlist's incoherence.
  • It spawned the НЕТ meme.
  1. This game was later banned in Russia because of the infamous game over screen but you can download this game in other websites.

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