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Family Farm (also known as Wiejskie Życie or Felinda Feliz) - is a Polish online FarmVille (itself a FarmTown rip-off) knockoff produced by FunPlus, It was available for PC and mobile devices (i.e. Android, iOS).

Why It Sucks

  1. LOTS of microtransactions (some even reaching Dungeon Keeper Mobile levels).
  2. Bad graphics, with little to no animation.
  3. Game lags on many computers rendering it almost unplayable.
  4. Repetitive, boring gameplay.
  5. Requires players to spend fortune and spend lots of time to create a simple farm, as some of the animals have absurd timespan to create one product.
  6. Lures people into logging into it everyday by handing them prizes for doing so, which might lead to rather absurd situations (see 7.)
  7. It's dangerously addictive, especially to easily-impressionable old and middle-aged people, leading to addiction to computers. There was a famous case in Poland where a husband ordered his wife to send gifts to others in the game to receive prizes, while he was at work.
  8. Spending real-life money on things that do absolutely nothing or just to make your farm bigger.
  9. The Facebook version of this game spams your Facebook feed.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music is decent, though it mostly consists of a few loops that don't stop.
  2. Unlike Roblox, you can get premium currency (RC) for free.