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A cheap plastic box, a part of million's childhood.
Developer: Various
Release Date: Various
Competitors: Nintendo Entertainment SystemAGW
Sega Master SystemAGW
Sega Genesis/Mega DriveAGW
Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemAGW
Sega SaturnAGW
Atari Jaguar
Sony PlayStationAGW
Nintendo 64AGW
Sega DreamcastAGW
PlayStation 2AGW
Nintendo GameCubeAGW
Xbox 360AGW
Nintendo WiiAGW
PlayStation 3AGW
PlayStation 4AGW
Xbox OneAGW
Nintendo SwitchAGW
Xbox Series X and Series SAGW
PlayStation 5AGW
Generation: Third generation
Fourth generation
Fifth generation
Sixth generation
Seventh generation
Eighth generation
Ninth generation

Famiclone is the name given for any knockoff console which has the same function as Nintendo's NES. They usually came with one cartridge that supposedly had over a million games or such, however, they were usually the same games repeated over and over. The Famiclones have been sold for many years, but the real boom happened in 1996, when the NOAC (NES-on-a-chip) chip was invented, which consists of a small chip that did all the work of the printed circuit board of the previous clones. Since then, countless bootleg consoles of all sizes and colors have appeared on the market, including portable ones. [1] The Famiclones are still being sold in China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and many flea markets and grocery stores all around the world. For more information, see an article on the Bootleg Games Wiki. [2]

List of Famiclones

  • ABC 999
  • AB Standard 8 bit
  • Action + Super 6
  • Advance Bright TV Arcade
  • Advance boy
  • Ashi VCD
  • Arcade Action
  • Argevision
  • Batman
  • Beta 5
  • BitSystem (made in Brazil by Dismac)
  • Brightech FCCP03
  • Brighton
  • Brick game
  • CherryBomb 2
  • Combook
  • Compu Kid
  • Compu Kid 2
  • Computer & Game LT-906
  • Computer game
  • Cosmos
  • Cool boy
  • CrazyBoy Gaming System
  • Creation (Found in Chile, Spain, Pakistan and India - made in China)
  • Dance station
  • Dendy consoles
  • Double dragon
  • Dr boy
  • Dynavision consoles
  • Electrolab
  • Elevator Action
  • Ending Man JJ-80-50
  • Entertainment Computer System
  • Extra TV * Opera AV Station
  • Extreme Box
  • Fancy Game
  • Family FR Series
  • Family boy
  • Family Game (Made in South America)
  • Family Game Selection Det
  • Famicom Titler
  • FC Twin Video Game System
  • Fengali Game Station AV 620
  • Flashback
  • Funstation
  • Gamespower 50
  • Game player
  • Game Kid Advance SP
  • Gamars
  • Gamax
  • GameAxe
  • Game Corner Funmachine
  • Game stick
  • Gamestation
  • Game Theory Admiral
  • Generation NEX
  • Geniecom
  • Gold Leopard King
  • Good boy
  • GunBoy
  • Handy FamiEight
  • Handyvision (made in Brazil by Dynacom)
  • Happytime Pumpkin Computer
  • Hi-Top Game
  • King Game III
  • Kenga (Russia, 1990s)
  • Little Master (India, 1990s)
  • Mastergames Ending Man
  • Mastergames Mega Power II
  • Max Play
  • Mega Kid Mark 1000
  • Megatronix Console Compatta
  • Megaplay
  • Mega power
  • Mega Power II
  • Mega Flyer
  • Mega Joy (I and II)
  • Megason
  • Micro Genius
  • Mark X Super Action set
  • Millennium Arcade 3D
  • MiWi 1, 2 and 3
  • M3 Pocket
  • Mega Arcade Action 2
  • NASA Entertainment Computer System
  • NES Video Game System
  • Newtendo Super Famcom
  • Nippon'do (Nipondo)
  • Nikita
  • Nevir
  • OneStation
  • Pegasus IQ-502 (popular in Poland)
  • Phantom System (made in Brazil by Gradiente)
  • Play Power (I and II)
  • PlayerStation
  • PS-Kid
  • Pocket Famicom
  • Polystation consoles
  • Prodis consoles
  • Power Player Super Joy III Consoles
  • Power Joy
  • Quasar Neon Boy
  • Red Star Polystation
  • Red Star Super Smart Genius
  • Retro-Bit RetroPort (Accessory (cartridge) for SNES that allows to run NES / Famicom video games. Contains a NOAC inside)
  • Retrocon
  • Retro Duo
  • Ringo
  • Rumble Station
  • Samurai 2000 Fun Grizzler
  • Samurai Micro Genius
  • Selection SZ-100
  • Sinostar V Racing Station
  • Slim 2
  • Smart Computer Pro
  • Soccer 98
  • Soccer Station
  • Songa
  • Spica
  • Star trek
  • Super 8
  • Super 8-Bit
  • Super Action Set
  • Super Com 72
  • Super Magic Star
  • Super Joy Fun Stick Player Mech
  • Supermax Power Joy
  • Super UFO LP-6000
  • Super TV Game Actchengam
  • Tecnobits Dance Mix
  • Tenindo Entertainment System
  • TeleGameStation
  • Terminator Consoles
  • Top Game - VG-8000 and VG-9000 models (double slot), Made in Brazil by CCE
  • Tristar 64
  • Turbo Game - Made in Brazil by CCE
  • TV Entertainment game
  • UFO A500 2
  • Ultra 8-bit
  • Venturer Super Start All-in-One
  • VG Pocket Max
  • Video Vs. Maxx
  • Virtual player
  • Winner
  • WizKid (made in India, 90s)
  • Yobo FC Game Console
  • Yess (found in Spain)
  • Z-First Super action set
  • Zhiliton (made in the Soviet Union)
  • Zhong Tian 3

Why Most of Them Suck

  1. False Advertising: Most Famiclones claim that they come with a million-game cartridge, but in reality, almost all of them come with only 10 games, the other ones are just repeated or have minor changes,also,the Polystation says it has stereo sound, but it's a copy of Nintendo Entertainment System so it has mono audio,also, the Tecnobits Dance Mix box says that it comes with a power adapter, which is a lie because some boxes don't have any power adapter.
  2. To meet the "10 million games" these consoles have too much ugly shovelwares,such as pirate games or original game hackroms, which mostly had many problems listed in the following points.
  3. The Famiclones are mostly made of inexpensive plastic that can be easily broken, such as the Polystation, the Tecnobits Dance Mix and the Nintendo Polystation disc tray.
  4. The Famiclones are known for having terrible bootleg games, such as Somari, that Pacman clone inspired on Harry Potter and Titenic. Some others can be very strange, such as the flying Pikachu heads game in Tecnobits Dance Mix.
  5. As said above, a lot of the games are ROM hacks of other NES and Famicom games; ones that are poorly done, and with bizarre changes. And the games that aren't ripoffs ended up being plagued by other problems, such as unbalanced difficulty (being either too easy or too hard).
  6. Most famiclones are usually easily spoiled by the poor build quality of simplified hardware on a chip. Some models have trouble running cartridges that had upgrade chips or mappers such as the Nintendo MMC5, games with these chips did not work or were displayed with wrong graphics or colors, making them not playable on the console. They also have problems with the sound, as some versions lacked some cycles of the square pulse waves, causing the music or the sound effects of the game to be heard incorrectly.
  7. Many of the controls that come with the Famiclones are too uncomfortable and poorly designed, or even worse, some of the controllers (mostly light guns) will not work at all because of their cheap quality.
  8. Some models look exactly the same as many famous consoles like the PlayStation or the Xbox, and because of this, some parents can get confused and gift these bootleg consoles to their children instead of the real ones.
  9. Neither the games nor the controllers of the original Famicom or NES were compatible with the Famiclones, instead, they have an unique cartridge slot and controller pinout.
  10. Most of the Famiclones have pre-installed games in their default cartridges or in the console chip and don't allow to add any more games, and while this can be great, playing the same games over and over can get boring for some people, specially when only a few amount of original games are included.
  11. The English text written for the manuals are often plagued with bad grammar and lots of spelling errors making it hard to read the manuals. Sometimes, they may consist entirely of placeholder text.
  12. The sound effects, although some may be good or decent, some are irritating or there are some games that themselves have a horrible sound quality, some sounds because of the system are more louder and bizarres than in the original games.
  13. The music is also broken in some games due to system problems,this leads to the music of a game becomes good or decent to a disaster.
  14. Most such consoles use outdated wires because they're famiclones, wires that are no longer on some modern TVs.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Because of the exorbitant prices of the real consoles and games in many countries, they can be a great alternative for kids who want a cheap video-game console.
  2. As said above, most of the Famiclones have pre-installed games and some models have a wide variety of original NES games, meaning that you don't need to buy any more games.
  3. These consoles have good or decent games like Super Mario Bros or Adventure Island.
  4. The earlier Famiclones (Mostly made by Micro Genius, Subor, NTDEC) are decent because based on the real hardware (no NOAC technology like later hardwares)


  • These types of consoles, particularly the Polystation, are Internet memes in Latin America because of their poor hardware, the cheap plastic that was used and that many uninformed dads gave this type of consoles to their children because the famiclones were too cheap.



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