Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel

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Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel
Fallout brotherhood of.jpg
The Fallout 76 of 2004, but all the series' identity was MOSTLY taken out.
Genre: Action RPG
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Release Date: January 14, 2004
Developer: Interplay
Publisher: Interplay
Franchise: Fallout
Previous Game: Fallout: Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
Next Game: Van Buren aka Interplay's Fallout 3 (cancelled)
Fallout 3 (by release date; non-canonical)

Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel is an action role-playing game developed and published by Interplay Entertainment.

Why It Sucks

  1. A confusing and weak plot.
    • Along its intro cutscene acting like a satirical, but weirdly desperate serious recruitment propaganda films for then very isolated post-apocalyptic faction like aforementioned Brotherhood of Steel.
      • While mentioned the intro cutscene, they lazily reusing several cutscenes as partial clips from the previous Fallout entries, except for the very end, instead of creating its own?
  2. The graphics are average at best.
  3. The game has nothing to do with the gameplay of the other Fallout titles, and it feels like a generic top-down shooter with Fallout style slap to it.
  4. The skills don't actually do anything, making them pointless.
  5. It tries way too hard to be dark, gritty, and edgy, with mainly an unnecessary amount of profanity being used.
  6. Overuses a lot of toilet and other dirty humor, which isn't funny after a while.
  7. Forgettable music that is generic rock that the Fallout series isn't known for. The soundtrack also has some instrumental (except for credits song) versions of songs of heavy metal groups such as Slipknot and Killswitch Engage. While they don't sound bad, they feel very out of place with the rest of the music in the game.
  8. The jumping feels wonky, especially when going between platform to platform.
  9. Absolutely no replay value whatsoever, as there are no collectables or anything else.
  10. The game never gives you anything else to do, and there aren't any real sidequests, it just throws stuff at you like you're an idiot.
  11. There are lots of scantily clad women in the game for no apparent reason, since the game tries to be mature and edgy.
  12. Grating sound effects, especially for the weapons and enemies.
  13. The weapon descriptions try to be funny but simply fail at being hilarious.
  14. There's a ghoul (Cain, a former Necropolis resident and ex-follower of Set, the ghoul from first two main games of the series) as a playable character, which is rather nonsensical since the Brotherhood has a bias against mutants or any unfortunate tragic ex-humans.
    • Speaking of playable characters, your other two playable characters aren't even born within the Brotherhood of Steel (Nadia was a semi-scavenger and Cyrus was a literal tribesman before joining them), making just as little sense, since the BoS back then was still the most isolationist faction besides the Enclave (which had no choice, due to extreme reactionary beliefs of "reviving" the old United States, While the BoS is a little better than them, not allowing outsiders to join them but giving offers if said outsider has proven themselves worthy) in the series.
  15. This game almost killed the entire Fallout franchise until Bethesda Softworks picked up the franchise and came with their own Fallout 3 a few years later.
    • In fact, this game also killed off the developers, who were forced to scrap the initial plans for their own version of the original Fallout 3 with used a codename as Van Buren during early game development.
  16. It's nothing more than a clone of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance just with everything that was Dungeons and Dragons replaced with Fallout.
  17. Insulting product placement. Fallout's iconic drink Nuka-Cola got removed in favor of a lesser known real energy drink Bawls with blatant slapped the retro-futuristic appearance into it for no justification of being there, just other than promoted that drink, that most people don't know it exist.
  18. NPCs lack animations, which is especially noticeable during dialogues. The only exception is a boss of game's raider gang - Jane, and even then it's just a looped idle animation which tries to make her look sexy with her boob physics.
  19. Level design is needlessly confusing in some areas, especially Vault 0.
  20. Towards the end of the campaign, the game becomes more unstable and glitchy.
  21. The lighting in some areas is horrendous making navigation even more annoying.
  22. The game has suicide bomber enemies that are extremely annoying and deal tons of damage.
  23. The final boss regenerates health, so the game is made pretty much impossible if the player doesn't have enough ammo to kill the boss quickly.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The intro is decent, and it does fit the backstory of the franchise.
  2. The controls are actually pretty good, despite the poor jumping mechanics.
  3. Some of the weapons, while weak, can be really fun to use.
  4. It has an unexpected cameo of now older the Vault Dweller (or in this game as the Wasteland Stranger) from Fallout, despite the game taking place in post-apocalyptic Texas.
  5. This game has declared by then-new owner Bethesda Softworks as officially non-canon from the whole franchise, with exceptions of some ideas like allowing non-born members to join the Brotherhood of Steel, but only exclusively for the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel; which were reintroduced (but only for less radiated humans, and who were as orphans before becoming as a Squire for the EBoS) in Fallout 3 and 4 as an example.
  6. While the game is a poor Fallout game, it can be enjoyable for (unironically of all places) fans of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance due to the extremely similar gameplay.
  7. Playing with co-op with a friend can be fun.


Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel received mixed reviews from critics, but was critically mixed negative by gamers and fans alike, (excepted for the Baldur's Gate fans as mentioned above), and is widely considered now since as the second-worst Fallout game next to Fallout 76, fourteen years later. As was originally just the only worst game in the video game series' franchise.

Because of this game's failure, the many planned Fallout games (besides their Fallout 3 aka Van Buren, due of was already plan to be canceled, before this game released) from Interplay were canceled, such as Extreme, Brotherhood of Steel 2 (thankfully).


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