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The FIFA 20 launch was something special as EA managed to screw up a FIFA launch. The worst part is that it happened to career mode where they pretty much just copied and pasted from FIFA 19 with a few noticeable changes. Career mode was released in such a broken state that it got #fixcareermode in at least the United kingdom. Fans actually had high hopes as trailers and screenshots looked promising only to get a buggy mess with the issues not being fixed and some are still in FIFA 20. Many youtubers called out EA with youtuber BOMUS stating "career mode is in the worst state of the history of the franchise". This game was released in 2019 and its 2021 and some of the issues are still here.

Why It Sucks

  1. EA got a lot of Career Mode Youtubers to be part of the game changers to make career mode better for FIFA 20. They decided to listen to some of the feedback while putting a buggy product on the store.
  2. The fans wanted a player moral system and they got it but it is awful. The player would get mad at you for not playing them even though they got injured or they got a red card. They would request a transfer and it would be hard to convince them to stay. (This bug is still in FIFA 20)
  3. The moral system is so bad that you can get fired because player moral is low. You can win everything but if the players have a bad moral, you get fired. (This still happens but it is rare now,this happens on every difficulty even beginner)
  4. The moral system makes it harder to win games as you constantly have to rotate players to keep their morale up.
  5. Simulating matches by the calendar will make peoples morale drop so you can always give them more money for their contract. This is a bad idea as giving them more money will get you fired. The worst part is sometimes the player will demand this amount of money and you give it to them only to be fired. (I was playing career mode 5 months after the release and this happened to me, I do not know if the bug is still in the game. I was using Godoy Cruz and I put them in the EFL Championship and I got promoted to the Premier league and I got fired because of the contract) (This is somewhat still in the game but it is rare)
  6. After getting fired over and over and starting over from saves you can finally start your career with the team you want. Lets say you chose Atletico Madrid from Spain and you win the champions league the biggest club competition. This will mean nothing because EA decided to messed up the CPU squad selections. Lets say you are Atletico Madrid and you have all your best players and you play Manchester City in the Quarter Finals. Man City will play their 3 string team with Scott Carson 72 rated keeper and their whole team will be around 60 players despite having no injuries and with a squad with an average rating of 86. (This was luckily fixed later on)
  7. You then decide to look at the league table and you will see teams like Barca and Real Madrid relegated because the CPU played their worst players while teams like Eibar will be in 3rd place. (This was "Fixed" but it had a new bug as teams like Eibar would only get 2 points a season. That bug is not fixed)
  8. You somehow kept your job for a few years and then the champions league and Europa league will stop working. It just will stop. Its even worse if Dinamo Zagreb won it the first season the Champions and Europa league would not work. (This was fixed)
  9. Press Conferences get old after a while as it is the same dialogue over and over.
  10. Edit player is broken as if you change the players boots, it will change their overall. It was even worse as this bug is very easy to fix. All EA had to do was add every position in the game because in edit player positions like CM and LW do not exist. (This bug was Fixed)
  11. It was very common to have a a back to back game on the calendar. (it still happens but it is rare. I only had it happen once after they supposedly fixed the bug)
  12. Pretty much every system the fans wanted and got added to FIFA 20 made career mode worse.
  13. It got so bad that Sony offered refunds to the game based on how bad career mode was.
  14. Dynamic potentials were terrible as it is based on morale. There has been players with terrible morale and yet their rating got better. (This was fixed)
  15. The game would crash at launch for PC users (this was fixed quickly)
  16. One of the employees of EA went to the forums and told the fans to stop complaining as they were busy fixing FUT issues instead of career mode issues.
  17. Fans wanted to blame the community managers and the game changers who had nothing to do with the problems that happened at launch.
  18. Player training was overpowered as players who are 35 can grow 4 overall points and dynamic potential will make them better. Its even worse as you can make Mbappe the best player in the game within 2 seasons. (this is not fixed)
  19. You can customize the manager but while fixing the glitches, they made 2 outfits that are glitched. (this is not fixed)
  20. The broadcast packaging can glitch and cover half of the screen making playing the game very difficult (This is rare but number 21 has not been fixed)
  21. Instead it will show a box in the middle of the screen and it will be translucent making it harder to play the game but still playable.
  22. The new section is very buggy having players with different numbers and names. Its worse as one article in the game said "They got a a bargain by signing a player for 0 dollars from free agents" later claiming that the free agents fan base is mixed on the transfer. (This bug is mostly fixed)
  23. Unrealistic transfers was the worst at launch. (This bug is mostly fixed but the odd transfers happens here and there)
  24. Some leagues like the Serie A will display the teams have played 68 games despite the league only has 38 games. (This bug is not fixed)
  25. Ultimate difficulty was easier then Legendary difficulty. (This bug was fixed by the community before EA fixed it)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This is one of the few times EA actually listened to the community and tried implemented new features.
  2. At least they tried to fix the errors.
  3. They did learn from this on FIFA 21 as they fixed the dynamic potential and gave more functions in the press conference.



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