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Seems like EA wants to milk their FIFA franchise once and for all.
Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release: September 28, 2018
Engine: Frostbite 3 (PS4/XONE/PC)
Developer(s): EA Vancouver
EA Romania
Publisher(s): EA Sports
Series: FIFA
Predecessor: FIFA 18
Successor: FIFA 20

FIFA 19 is a football/soccer game released by EA Sports for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch. It was also released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as the last game in the series on those consoles.

Why It Misses The Goal

  1. Extreme amount of input lag once again, even when navigating the UI.
  2. This game is just a rehash of FIFA 18 and the graphics are still exactly the same.
  3. Because of this, everything in the game from defending to dribbling feels sluggish and unresponsive no matter how good the players are.
  4. Defensive AI is broken once again, which has been an issue since FIFA 12.
  5. Finesse shots are extremely overpowered and abused by the community, essentially replacing the abused low driven shot from FIFA 17 and 18 with something even more broken and exploitable.
  6. Cannot simulate or be subbed on in player career mode, and you can only simply play game after game.
  7. Manager Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and everything else except FUT is bare bones.
  8. The input lag and Overpowered Finesse shot combined makes the game extremely frustrating.
  9. Ultimate Team is all but entirely designed around E-Sports competitive gameplay with nothing fun for casual gamers to enjoy.
  10. An even worse Journey story mode than the year prior, with three different storylines involving three different characters that you literally need to play out of order to even have the slightest idea of what's going on.
  11. FUT itself is the most aggressively pay-to-win it's ever been, with the most intrusive reliance on RNG FUT packs that must be purchased with real money/FIFA Points to have an increased chance to obtain the best players.
    • There was one notorious case in the UK where without the knowledge of their parents, four children abused in-game purchases to get player packs in the Nintendo Switch version of the game. In three weeks, despite the PEGI's in-game purchases label, they spent nearly £550 on in-game purchases, which eventually emptied their parents' bank account.
  12. Constant glitches involving improper player animations and collision issues, the worst this problem has been yet in the franchise.
  13. Generally unresponsive gameplay even without input lag or poor server quality, which has been an issue since FIFA 16.
  14. The game feels more scripted than it's ever been, giving the player little to no control over the outcome of matches. Some players have even reported not touching their controllers at all and their players still moving.
  15. Patches that were promised would "fix" the game have only aggravated issues still existent in the game since launch.
  16. Gameplay is still too arcadey and falls far behind it's competitor, the soccer simulation Pro Evolution Soccer, in terms of realism and responsiveness.
  17. The ball still sticks to the feet of the players. It's 2019 people!
  18. Physics and controls both feel overly heavy and slow at the same time.
  19. Who wins the match online often depends on the AI, due to it being broken thanks to handicap, a feature that causes your AI to be trash the better you play and that for some reason is added to online.
  20. Pace is now literally useless which is just as bad as previous years when it was overpowered.
  21. Artificial intelligence is now much too overpowered, especially on the defense, an extreme 180 from FIFA 18 and before when it was preserved or at least behaved rationally and realistically.
  22. Only four different save slots in career mode which is inexcusable considering there used to be more.
  23. Matchmaking is broken (at least on console), matching beginners against players in "Division 1".
  24. Any shot that isn't a timed finesse is basically impossible.
  25. Presentation is still identical to FIFA 17.
  26. Just like FIFA 18, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are released as a Legacy Edition, which means they are effectively identical to FIFA 17 with the only difference being the kits, stadiums, soundtracks and squads between games.
    • In general, the idea of releasing a PS3/Xbox 360 game in 2018 is very confusing, considering the fact that these consoles have been discontinued years ago, and many people have already moved on to much more powerful hardware. Even worse, as with the games from 2013-17, there is no Wii U version, though this can be forgiven because it was discontinued in early 2017.
  27. Just like FIFA 18, the Switch version is based on last gen versions, with the same missing features and problems.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Still a good soundtrack, like with most FIFA games.
  2. Standard seasons, despite being bare bones, is still available, meaning that casual players still have something to play without being forced to play competitive.
  3. The Chinese Super League makes its debut in FIFA.


  • It is the last physical game to be available for the PlayStation 3 worldwide.


Despite positive reception from critics, (83/100 on Metacritic), as expected due to EA manipulating review scores, it has been considered the worst FIFA to date by fans with a 1.7 user score.



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