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Eyes: The Horror Game

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Eyes: The Horror Game

Eyes- The Horror Game (Nintendo Switch logo).jpg

Yandere Simulator, Slender Man edition.
Genre(s): Survival Horror
Platform(s): iOS
Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
Release: Microsoft Windows, Mobile
February 14, 2013
Nintendo Switch
October 31, 2020
Developer(s): Paulina Pabis
(Nintendo Switch)
Country: Poland

Eyes: The Horror Game is a survival horror game developed by indie developer Paulina Pabis and published by FEARLESS GAMES PURECKA & PABIS SPÓŁKA JAWNA (Published by QubicGames for the Nintendo Switch) and released on February 14, 2013 (October 31, 2020 for the Switch version).


Eyes: The Horror Game is a survival horror game where you try to collect any amount of money bags while trying to hide from various monsters such as the Krasue, Charlie, Good Boy and Ursula the Witch, the money bags are the game’s currency where the player can buy modes or levels to play, the modes the player can try are:

  • Standard Mode (the main mode of the game)
  • Sandbox Mode (where players can try to beat the game with any ghost)
  • Trick or Treat Mode (a Halloween themed mode)
  • Endless Mode (where players try to beat the game endlessly)
  • Double Trouble (try to beat the game with two ghosts, such as Krasue and Charlie)
  • Your Own Ghost (players can beat the game with their own ghost)
  • Pixel Mode (try to beat the game with graphics from the 8-bit era)

The game also has four levels, which are called as “Chapters” in the game, the first chapter has Krasue in a mansion, Charlie in a hospital, Good Boy in a school and Ursula in the same mansion as Krasue.

The game also has power ups which can help the player perform an action, the potions let you bound your eyes or get dizzy, by mixing them will grant you a limited amount of powers such as being invincible, being able to find any money bags and to add 5 more eye runes.


Old version

The game begins with your partner asking you to rob a mansion and grab any amount of money you want, however, as soon as you enter the mansion, you then find an “Eye rune”, clicking on it (pressing Q on PC) let’s you see the ghost’s vision, after collecting all the bags, the player then tells the partner that although he found all the money bags, there’s a ghost in the mansion and you can’t escape, the conversation then ends with the player presumably being killed by Krasue.

New version

The game begins with you going to the mansion for an inside job as requested by your friend, however, you then discover a ghost named Krause is in the mansion, while hiding from Krasue and finding the money bags, you then discover some secrets like Krasue’s past and the fact that she’s trying to kill the player due to being mistaken as Krasue’s husband Charlie, after quickly escaping the mansion with the money bags, the player then enters a hospital, and then discovers Charlie, who was said to be protecting the player from something, after successful collecting all money bags, the player then gets confused on why he’s guarding the hospital, meanwhile, the player then enters the school and is shocked to find that his dead dog named “Good Boy”, is guarding the school planning for revenge due to being mistreated by the player, after collecting all money bags, the player then apologizes to Good Boy for abusing him very badly.

Bad Qualities


  1. Bland and outdated graphics that look like they're from a PS3 title, heck, the graphics make the Slendrina franchise look more gorgeous than this!
  2. Inconsistent control pad, as in updates, it always changes until it got it's own control pad.
  3. The game is literally an asset flip, as all the models are taking from the Unity Asset Store, heck, even the music and the voices of Charlie, Good Boy and Matilda the Witch are even taken from!
    • It's even to the point where Pauline even credited them!
  4. Just like Granny, the switch version costs $2 dollars when it's free on mobile and PC, and even worse is that it's literally the mobile version when the mobile version is also free!
  5. The game is a huge rip-off of Slender: The Eight Pages because both games have you finding objects while hiding from a supernatural entity.
  6. The controls are tediously basic.


  1. To play a new level, you need to use the 300 coins that you earned from the levels you earned from the money bags, while it's a nice feature, playing on Newbie mode pathetically gives you 30.
  2. The new level: Witch Curses the Mansion, is very unnecessary and does not continue the story at all.
  3. While most of the modes are okay, Trick or Treat mode and Pixel Mode are terrible.
    • Trick or Treat mode just only adds every single Halloween decoration and adds a cartoony Jack-o-lantern that runs away if you’re near it.
      • Not to mention, the Jack-O-Lantern also clashes the game’s dark tone.
    • Pixel mode literally blurs the entire game, making it impossible to collect all money bags.

Back Then

  1. The graphics are very hideous, with mushy textures, blurry visuals and very soulless color palettes, not to mention, if you're far away from an object, that object will have a weird smoke effect.
    • No to mention, due to the bad graphics, it makes it impossible to see what’s happening.
  2. The beta ghost (which was a floating body of a woman) looks too sexy and out of place in a horror game and feels like it was from an erotic game.
  3. When using the eye rune, which lets you see the ghost’s vision, white parts tend to pop out.
  4. The PC version has an ability to jump while in the mobile port, you can’t.
  5. The jumpscare for the ghost is rather weird, it's just the ghost (possibly) doing a ballet performance.
  6. Unlike the later versions, the ghost will sometimes enter your room despite being unable to, which destroys the game’s rules.
  7. Horrible title screen with a stock photo of a glass shatter with the word “Eyes” smacked onto it.
    • The new title screen isn’t much better, as it uses the same stock photo with the links to the mobile download located in the bottom center-left and the words in the right.
  8. The PC version became a dead horse due to high amounts of updates the mobile version is earning.
  9. Horrible ending: As you beat the game, you contact the partner that while you're robbing the mansion, you found that a ghost is in, and the suddenly, the ghost outright kills you while you tell the partner that its' near, which is the most pathetic ending ever.

Good Qualities

  1. Decent controls despite being tedious.
  2. There is some kind of lore in the game, where both Charlie and Krasue are both a married couple, Good Boy being the player's dog and the backstory for Krasue.
  3. There is Nightmare Mode, where the player can beat the game in a higher difficulty.
  4. The moaning from the ghost sounds soothing and disturbing and is probably the only original thing in the game.
  5. The Switch and PC versions of the game are much better as they have really fluent controls.
  6. There is a funny hidden Easter egg in the game where if you go to the room which has a typewriter, there is a phone that is located at a desk, when you click it, there will be a message from the developer herself that can only be heard by reversing it, doing so would reveal that it was actually the lines from Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, meaning that the developer rickrolled us players.


The game received mixed reviews from critics and gamers that praised the scare factor and the game's lore, but criticized the outdated graphics and high amount of asset flips, the game was quite popular in 2013 due to the Slender-esque gameplay. On GameFAQs, which rates out of 5 stars, gave the Switch version a 3.25 rating.


  1. The Krasue is based off the same creature with the same name from Indonesian folklore.
  2. The only thing that wasn’t taken from is the voice of Krasue which was done by Paulina Pabis herself.
  3. This is the first mobile horror game to be released on modern consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch.

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