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Eurogamer logo.jpg
The British Kotaku.
Type of site: Video game journalism
Language: English
Created by: John Bye
Patrick Stokes
Rupert Loman
Owner: Gamer Network
Date of launch: September 4, 1999
Status: Active

Eurogamer is a British game news and review site founded in 1999. It gained the similar infamy of Kotaku and is the European version of Kotaku.

Why They Suck

  1. Like Kotaku, it's an SJW site (except Kotaku is newer).
  2. They even hypocritically admit to having a diversity problem in the gaming media instead of having a meritocracy.
  3. Like Polygon and other SJW sites, they will criticize a game simply due to the presence of attractive female characters.
  4. They are one of the sites that spearheaded the attack of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They even got a pseudo-historian trying (and failing) to prove that there were POC in Bohemia.
  5. Supporting Zoë Quinn and Depression Quest and saying there should be game developers like her (that article was considered to be part of the Gamers Are Dead media blitz).
  6. During the infamous Doritogate scandal, Eurogamer censored Rap Florence's editorial after being threatened with a lawsuit by a corrupt freelance journalist Lauren Wainwright, a journalist mentioned and criticized in the article. Florence either resigned or was fired from Eurogamer due to the article.
  7. They published an extremely negative and inaccurate review of Darkfall Online, which was met with heavy controversy after the developer of the game called out this review, stating that the game’s logs showed the reviewer had only played for 2 hours. In response, Eurogamer claimed that the logs were wrong, only for them to release yet another negative review two months later, with the implication that the original review was legitimate and that Darkfall’s fans were "being unappeasable".
  8. They were part of the group attacking Kingdom Come: Deliverance for its "lack of representation".
  9. Their review handling is very unprofessional: they called Outlast 2, for example, to be misogynistic.
  10. They gave Spyro Reignited Trilogy a negative review and compared it to Dark Souls due to the reviewer's lack of skills.
  11. They made false claims about the Wii U. When caught, they had to apologize for this.
  12. They are forcing Valve to censor many games that they do not like on Steam.
  13. They attacked Exclusively games former community manager to the point of leaving due to threats made by them and other SJW supporters and due to him being part of GOG.
  14. They outright admitted that they weren't going to stop being activists, despite their site being oriented to gaming.[1]
  15. They attacked Joey Carmen and Reuben Langdon for having different viewpoints and also for Reuben Langdon criticizing the #MeToo movement for not having forgiveness and reliance on character assassination instead of rehabilitation.
  16. Ironically, they got only very little viewership on their site and their condescending and arrogant nature for mocking notable anti-SJW critics such as MomBot or Jeramy Hambly, saying they make money from hate=clicks and also denying the existence of Jeramy Hambly when he makes 100k videos per upload.
  17. They have a habit of hiring bootleg pirates like Paul Watson as journalists working for the site and they have stolen thousands of dollars from the bootlegs they have made.
  18. They also rallied their supporters to false-copystrike Jeramy Hambly's channel when he found out that they are involved in piracy.
  19. They non-stop whine about Trump and the attractive female characters in Dead Or Alive 6.
  20. Instead of asking about the gameplay and story of Cyberpunk 2077, they instead went the SJW route and ask non-stop about gender pronouns and identity politics.
  21. They even want the Lovecraftian genre of horror to end due to H.P Lovecraft's own personal viewpoints.
  22. They even wanted the Uncharted series to end for the wrong reasons.
  23. They also have poor handling of reviews, such as the one for a Grand Tour game, which outraged many of the Grand Tour fans.
  24. They also push fake news.





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