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Escape from Bug Island

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Escape from Bug Island
Escape from This Crappy Horror Game
Protagonist(s): Ray
Genre(s): Survival horror
Platform(s): Nintendo Wii
Release: JP: December 2, 2006
NA: July 25, 2007
EU: October 26, 2007
AU: November 1, 2007
Developer(s): Spike
Publisher(s): WW: Eidos Interactive
JP: Spike

Escape from Bug Island, titled Necro-Nesia (ネクロネシア Nekuroneshia) in Japan, is a 2006 survival horror video game developed by Spike and published by Eidos Interactive for the Nintendo Wii.

Why It Never Escaped Bug Island

  1. It fails at survival as it gives you way too many items to restore your health, meaning that you will not die at all, and thus breaks any horror the game wants to cause.
  2. Bad story.
  3. Poorly designed, uninteresting, and stupid characters. For example, a girl walks outside a building, knowing that a giant gorilla is outside.
  4. Long, empty hallways are abundant in the game.
  5. The gorilla monster is poorly modeled and textured.
  6. The flashlight is a hindrance. You can see more with the flashlight off. Also, with the flashlight on, it causes more enemies to attack you.
  7. Most enemies don't move fast enough to catch up with you, making it possible to run away from most of them.
  8. Boring combat, to the point that most players will likely start to run away from enemies as much as possible instead of fighting them.
  9. A boss requires the use of explosives to take out. However, you're not given enough ammo to take it out, so you're required to tediously take out ants to use the stomach of an ant as bomb ammo. This drags on the boss fight for 30 minutes.
  10. The spray mechanic used to take out the ants is broken.
  11. Halfway through the game, you enter a time portal called the "Cave of Time". You are then forced to repeat the previous nine levels as the second nine levels while saving all of the people who died the first time.
  12. The time travel segment is not foreshadowed properly through the game, thus making it seem as if it is was made specifically to make players play the same nine levels again.
  13. In the second half of the game, you obtain guns. However, they are useless because they can't kill enemies and you must switch to a melee weapon to finish one of them off.
  14. The combat becomes broken in the second half of the game due to the swarms of enemies attacking you while you're forced to attack smaller enemies. However, this doesn't matter because you will likely have so much healing items you can just constantly restore your health and not die.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The game matches the feel of a B-Movie horror.



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