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On August 29, 2016, technology blog Engadget released an article about Dead or Alive: Xtreme 3's new VR mode, which launched alongside the PlayStation VR on October 13 2016. In it, Engadget decries the mode for supposedly allowing players to simulate sexual assault and described it as a sexist experience. They then concluded that Koei Tecmo was right to decide not to release the game in the US or Europe.

Why This Article Sucks

  1. The game does not at all promote sexual assault because in it, no real person is getting assaulted. There's a clear difference between fiction and reality, and the people in this game are the former; they're just a series of polygons, bitmaps and code for you to play with. It's not meant to be real life; it's just there for those who enjoy it.
  2. The Dead or Alive series has always been shameless about the fact that its women are sexualized, and underneath that is a fundamentally solid fighting game series (and if you don't want to play it, then don't buy it. No one's asking you for anything).
  3. This is evidence that Engagdet supports SJWs such as Anita Sarkeesian which just about says it all.



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