Emergency Mayhem

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Emergency Mayhem
Emergency Mayhemddd.jpg
This game is most certainly an example of mayhem.
Genre: Racing action
Platforms: Wii
Release Date: NA: 15 April 2008

AU: 8 May 2008

EU: 13 June 2008

Developer: Supersonic Software
Publisher: Codemasters
Franchise: Emergency Mayhem

Emergency Mayhem is a racing action video game developed by Supersonic Software and published by Codemasters exclusively for the Wii.

Why It Sucks

  • Very uneven difficulty.
  • Lack of variety.
  • Extremely outdated graphics.
  • Highly unresponsive controls.
  • Lousy visuals.
  • Repetitive missions.
  • Ugly mission environment.
  • Often glitchy and buggy.
  • Car handling is shifty.
  • Very low textures.
  • Character models have little detail.
  • Shortcuts are at your disposal as you race through Crisis City, and so are power-ups like temporary boosts and time adds all welcomed. At the same time, you will find yourself running into too many obstructions, like street cones that stop you dead in you tracks and disrupt the momentum of the experience or walkways that should be jumps but are instead blocked by invisible walls.


The game has generally been received negative. GameSpot gave the game a 2.5/10 and criticized the game for its lack of variety, "wildly uneven difficulty" said that some minigames have "overly sensitive controls" while "others are completely unresponsive". IGN gave the game a 5.0/10 and thought that the graphics were "generic and dated" and the gameplay was "Fun, but shallow and repetitive. And there's nothing besides the gimmicky minis that hasn't already been done by Crazy Taxi". They praised it for having "fitting music" and "60 frames at all time.