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Elite Forces: Navy SEALs – Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Elite Forces: Navy SEALs – Weapons of Mass Destruction
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Rating(s): ESRB: M
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: NA: July 18, 2003
AU: 2003
EU: January 14, 2004
Engine: LithTech Talon
Developer(s): Jarhead Games
Publisher(s): ValuSoft
Country: Canada
Series: Elite Forces
Predecessor: Elite Forces: Navy SEALs
Successor: Beyond Normandy: Assignment Berlin

Elite Forces: Navy SEALs – Weapons of Mass Destruction (known as Elite Forces: Navy SEALs 2 in Europe) is a 2003 first-person shooter game developed by Jarhead Games and published by ValuSoft for Microsoft Windows. It is a sequel to Elite Forces: Navy SEALs, which was released a year before this game. It was made on LithTech Talon engine.


The game takes the player back to Iraq, in search of a chemical weapons plant, then deep into North Korea, in search of their nuclear weapons plant, and finally to Pakistan to ferret out an Al Qaeda camp and chase down a top Al Qaeda leader.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible teammate AI. Your teammate is so badly programmed that he will block you from entering and exiting rooms. When this happens the game is basically broken because if you kill them, you will fail the mission.
  2. Aside from your teammate, the enemies also have terrible AI and can clip through walls.
  3. Awful FOV that can cause headaches within minutes of playing the game.
  4. Weapon recoil is practically nonexistent, which is unrealistic even by video game standards.
  5. Bad graphics. Many games from late 90's looked better than this.
  6. Boring level design.
  7. Clunky controls.
  8. This game is really short, it's can be beaten in less than 3 hours, just like Elite Forces: Navy SEALs.
  9. Several bugs and glitches, graphic and technical.
  10. Sound effects are obnoxiously loud.
  11. No music whatsoever.



Aggregate score Score
Metacritic 18/100[1]
Publication Score
Absolute Games ( 30%[2]
GameZone 3.5/10 2/20[3]
PC Gamer 18/100[4]
Worth Playing 1/10[5]

Critical reception

The game received received extremely negative reviews. It received an 18/100 on Metacritic based on six reviews. However, the users on Metacritic rated positively with an average score of 8.0/10.[1]



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