Elf: The Movie

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Elf: The Movie
This game sits in the throne of lies.
Genre: Action
Platforms: Game Boy Advance
Release Date: NA: November 4, 2004
EU: February 11, 2005
Developer: Jolliford Management Limited
Publisher: NA: Crave Entertainment
EU: Play It Ltd.
Made in: United Kingdom

Elf: The Movie is an action game developed by Jolliford Management Limited and published by Crave Entertainment[1] for the Game Boy Advance on November 4, 2004 in North America and February 11, 2005 in Europe.

Why It Sucks

  1. The controls are very sluggish when you start off the levels.
    • Not to mention how delayed they are, especially when it comes to the animation lagging.
  2. The music in this game is mediocre and feels very generic.
  3. When you get hit, you go all the way back to where you started off the level, and it becomes such a chore afterward. After you take constant hits and your meter is drained, it's an instant game over.
    • Not only is this the stupidest way of dying, but the bland cutscenes just don't do this game any justice, to begin with.
  4. Jumping over polar bears is extremely monotonous, especially when comparing this to another Christmas-based abomination of a game, except worse.
  5. Abysmal level designs: Some of the icicles are blended in with the environment, making it impossible to tell where the icicles are coming from, especially since the backgrounds makes it appear that it's invisible.
  6. Speaking of the meters, it's actually the meter on how many lives you have, and as stated before, it's an instant game over when you lose all your lives.
    • And when you lose all your lives, it's back to the title screen.
  7. For some strange reason, the graphics are low-quality, which isn't really saying much compared to other Game Boy Advance games.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The concept of making a game based on a good film seems fine on paper, but it's too bad it was poorly executed.


Unsurprisingly, this game was hit with overwhelmingly negative reviews.



  1. Published by Play It Ltd. in Europe




5 months ago
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This article took me 2 painful days to get done as I dealt with another issue.


5 months ago
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I never knew Elf had a bloody video game.


5 months ago
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Well, not all movie based games are that bad.Template:Awesome is a perfect example of a movie based game done right.


one month ago
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It's Elf but it turned into a horrible mess of a game

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