El Chavo Kart

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El Chavo Kart
"Y no te doy otra nomás porque mi abuelita también salió en este juego!" (ENG:"And I'm not giving you another one because my grandmother was also in this game!")
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Xbox 360AGW
PlayStation 3AGW
Release Date: Console Versions
MX: February 21, 2014
BR: June 17, 2014
Android Version
March 12, 2015
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Developer: Efecto Studios
Publisher: Televisa
Franchise: El Chavo

El Chavo Kart (Chaves Kart in Brazil) is a racing game created by Efecto Studios and Slang and published by Televisa Home Entertainment for Xbox 360AGW and PlayStation 3AGW only in Mexico and Brazil. A conversion of the game was also released on Android, but was later removed.


El Chavo Kart is a mascot-based kart racing game like Mario Kart and it features almost all of the characters of El Chavo: The Animated Series and tracks based on locations from the animated series. The game offers three game modes: Cups, Exhibition, and Challenges. In "Cups", the player can unlock characters, while at the end of "Challenges", the player can unlock scenarios and tracks, and in the same way as Mario Kart, you can collect power-ups which can be used to gain an advantage in the race.

Bad Qualities

All Versions

  1. The level design tries to hard to be innovative, but it ends up being pretty generic and uninspired at best, the tracks have a very lineal design without any alternative routes, most of the curves are very closed and narrow, there are some zones filled with obstacles that can frustrate you because of the abysmal amount of these ones and they lack of shortcuts, something that is unacceptable for a kart-racing styled game.
  2. Background characters are so poorly detailed that they look like an old GIF image or a Flash animation.
  3. The collision detection is not so well made and sometimes it can get pretty glitchy, for example, if you get too far from a circuit, you can fall through the map.
  4. Very limited character roster that consists of only 12 characters. While the animated series features a total of 13 main characters, the roster can increase a lot if you count the secondary and occasional characters.
  5. The 3D models of the characters are so poorly detailed that they don't even blink or change the expression of their faces, making them look really weird.
  6. There is no any kind of customization available and you can only unlock new characters and tracks, reducing considerably the replay value, and taking in consideration that games like Mario Kart are known for having a wide variety of different vehicles and modifications for them, the game can feel pretty empty in terms of content.
    • Also, you can't even change the vehicle color, limiting even more the game.
  7. Very limited HUD, the game only shows your current position and lap, your equipped item and some kind of minimap. There is not any kind of speedometer or time indicators, unlike other games of the same genre.
  8. Inconsistent and unbalanced AI, sometimes your rivals can race like a drunk driver and sometimes they can automatically turn into professional Formula 1 drivers, making the game too easy or too hard.
  9. While the soundtrack is not that bad, it can get very repetitive after a while.
  10. Some voice lines can get pretty repetitive and annoying after a while. One example of this is the "¡Ya dejen de pasarme!" (Stop overtaking me!) line said by Quico.
  11. There is no way to get a virtual copy of the game in all of the platforms it was released.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Only

  1. The minimap is almost useless, as it consists of an only vertical line in the right side of the screen, and no, you can't change it.
  2. Multiplayer is limited to local play only.
  3. The game has a lot of obvious and useless tips, it can even remind you to "Accelerate and drift to obtain turbo charges", one of the main mechanics of the game.
  4. The game was only released physically in Mexico and Brazil and there is no way to buy it in the PlayStation or Xbox store, and not only that, the price of buying a physical copy in a website like ebay or mercado libre can be up to $60, the price of a modern AAA game.
    • According to many rumours, the reason of the exaggerated price is because the game production was very limited, and since it was sold in only two countries, it is even more limited and hard to get in another countries.

Android Only

  1. This version has a lot of cliche and annoying mobile game mechanics, some of these mechanics are the limited amount of free continues, the use of more than one in-game currency and the awful vehicle stats by default.
  2. For technical limitations, the graphics were severely downgraded at the point that they look now like a game from the first PlayStation, the lightning effects are not present and shaders are not as well made as the console versions.
  3. Less gamemodes than the console versions and the challenges are not present here.
  4. Animations look very stiff, specially the character moves and when you jump on a ramp.
  5. While you can upgrade your car stats like the handling, the speed and the acceleration, these upgrades are really expensive and they barely improve your car in most of the cases.
  6. Collision detection has gotten much worse. You can get stuck very easily if you crash against a wall and sometimes your car can handle very weird after crashing, mostly striding to the sides.
  7. Broken driving physics. Your car won't stop accelerating after you crash into a wall, in a similar way to Taxi 2.
  8. The AI is even more unforgiving than the console versions, and since your default cars are very awful, it can take a lot of time to only win one single race.
  9. You only race against one opponent in the "Cups" mode, ruining the concept of a tournament race.
  10. There isn't even a multiplayer mode, making the game even more limited and empty.
  11. The rewards for winning a Cup are not worth, as they only give you a low amount of coins or lollipops (The other in-game currency).
  12. This version doesn't even has a minimap, instead of that, you can only know the positions of your rivals by looking their faces at the bottom of the screen.
  13. Frequent crashes on most of the cases, and since the game is not supported anymore, this is a really big problem.
  14. The game was retired from the Google Store, meaning that buying lollipops or coins is not possible anymore, you will need to download a hacked version of the game if you want to avoid any major issues because of the pay to win nature of the game.

Good Qualities

  1. Good use of the source material, the game setting is very faithful to the original series and it can please both as original series fans and non watchers of the series.
  2. Incredibly well done cel-shaded graphics (Except for the Android version).
  3. Despite the poor amount of available characters, the personalities of all of them are well portrayed and they react differently depending on the situation.
  4. Very good voice acting that features the voice actors from the animated series, despite the fact that some lines can get repetitive.
  5. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions don't suffer from major gameplay issues, if you like El Chavo or kart-racing games and you can handle the difficulty issues, you can like this game.
  6. The idea of making a racing game from El Chavo is not that bad, despite it seemed weird for most of the people.
  7. Very good controls that are proper for a kart-racing game.
  8. Decent driving physics for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, it can even be pleasing to make a drift.
  9. The intro animation looks great and has the original drawing style from the cartoon.


El Chavo Kart received mixed to negative reviews. Rodrigo Villanueva from Level Up! Games criticized the lack of personality of the characters and the uninspired vehicles and tracks; classifying it as "a shallow and frankly mediocre exponent of the kart-racing genre". On the other hand,​ Emilio Reyes from the Atomix magazine praised its beautiful circuits, smooth animations, the good voice acting and the fidelity to the original series, but criticizing the unbalanced difficulty and the repetitive gameplay. The game currently has a user score of 7/10 in Metacritic, though some of the reviews are ironic. The game would later be used as a meme in the mexican gamer community.





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