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El Chavo

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No puedo considerar este juego más que un shovelware feo (ENG:I couldn't consider this game more than a ugly shovelware)-Zebitas Martinex in his video "The Chavo Animated... and their games"
Genre: Party
Platforms: Nintendo WiiAGW
Release Date: iOS
February 8, 2012
Nintendo Wii
April 24, 2012
June 2014
Developer: Blue River (Mobile)
Kaxan Media Group (Wii)
Publisher: Slang
Televisa Home Entertainment
Franchise: El Chavo'
Previous Game: NA
Next Game: El Chavo Kart

El Chavo (Chaves in Brazil) is a party video game released for iOS on February 8, 2012. Developed by the Argentinian company Blue River and publishes by Televisa Interactive Media, then in June 2014 it was also released for Android. And another version released for the Nintendo WiiAGW console on April 24, 2012 developed by Kaxan Media Group and co-published by Slang Publishing in conjunction with Televisa Home Entertainment (all versions). It is based on the popular Mexican television series El Chavo Animated, the mobile version was released for all of Latin America and the United States and the Nintendo WiiAGW version was only released commercially in Mexico and Brazil. By early 2018 the mobile game was withdrawn.


Wii Version

El Chavo, Quico, Ñoño and La Popis play in the neighborhood with a ball, accidentally El Chavo throws the ball at the house of Doña Cleotilde, El Chavo goes to catch the ball but finds a magic book un the house of Doña Cleotilde, then El Chavo opens the book and the children are transported to a board game similar to Snakes and Ladders with elements from the Mario Party series.

Android and iOS Version

In the neighborhood there is a great fair, then in the game you play fair minigames like shooting toy ducks or throwing cans, if you win you get coupons and unlock even more minigames.


Wii Version

This is a type of game similar to Mario Party for up to four players, where the characters compete in mini-games in the style of board games, with the aim of accumulating points and medals by defeating opponents. The general concept is based on Snakes and ladders.

Android and iOS Version

The goal is to win fair minigames or other minigames, if you win you get coupons to buy things in the store or unlock more minigames.

Bad Qualities

Wii Version

  1. Bad use of the source material, few minigames make references to the episodes of the original show or Chavo Animado, the game tries to copy the Mario Party series, but the execution and the errors of the game make the game feel just like a game made just to win money using a popular series.
  2. The game is short, it can be finished in 30 minutes, this because the board are short, which is disappointing because the game costs nearly $30.
  3. Some of the mini games are boring or mediocre,most of the minigames are taken from games like Mario Party's.
  4. Average graphics for a late Wii game, the shadows of the game and the maps look like a game of Nintendo 64AGW or Sony PlayStationAGW.
  5. The difficulty of minigames is very easy and it hardly presents a worthwhile challenge.
  6. There are few voice recordings of the characters (even when the game is set to English and/or Portuguese) and they are repeated throughout the game, which can be annoying.
  7. Little variety of modes,the only modes out there are two, cup mode and free mode.
  8. Few characters, the game only has four characters like Mario Party Advance, there is not even one unlockable, even the first Mario Party had more variety of characters, the other Chavo characters like Paty or Godinez are background characters, and more characters from the series could be in the game.
  9. The soundtrack and sounds for the most part are generic and unre memorable, even some may tire of listening to them and the sounds are loud (you can't even hear what the characters are saying right) and unbearable to hear.
  10. The controls are somewhat slippery (The Minigame of balls similar to Mario Party's Bouncin Balls) and in some minigames they are uncomfortable (In the game of Futbolito does not work well, you can see that you throw the ball but does not react) and the minigames that use the control's motion sensor they don't work well either, like in Avión de Papel ("Paper Plane") that it's a little late and can cause you to lose.
  11. The game only has 25 minigames (30 minigames if you count the finals minigames and extra minigames) depending on the duration of the cup the minigames can become very repetitive and tedious,which is weird because the game weighs the same as Mario Party 9 weighs,Zebitas Martinex said the game may have had more minigames that made references to the show, like a minigame with Don Ramon's camera,a minigame to take out a boxing glove,flying with balloons, Bowling, square balls, the trunks,the band or something.
  12. Some minigames have little explanation, so in some minigames you don't know very well what to do and you lose.
  13. The artificial intelligence sometimes doesn't respond, Zebitas Martinex found that in a minigame La Popis stood still doing nothing.

Android and iOS Version

  1. Bad controls, they are quite confusing and do not respond well, of course, in some minigames work, but in games like dodging and throwing balls or trampolines becomes tedious,even the minigame of throwing cans is frustrating due to the control, yes,throwing cans,it would have been better if there was a stick to move the character better.
  2. Simple minigames like shooting toy ducks or touching the right object, some are mediocre like trampolines or dodging and throwing balls and the minigame of throwing cans due to control problems.
  3. You must have a decent score to get things in the store like dolls or more minigames, the problem is that in itself control is bad, so it's frustrating to win coupons in minigames where there are control issues, which are most of the minigames.
  4. In the trampoline minigame there is a place where collisions fails, you may be bouncing and then you go through the trampolines and you fall.
  5. The Google Play Games achievements are easy to obtain and don't pose a big challenge at least if you don't want to get the achievements very rare.

Good Qualities

Wii Version

  1. Some mini-games are fun.
  2. The voice acting is acceptable despite being too repetitive.
  3. Almost all minigames are easy to learn.
  4. Decent multiplayer entertainment.
  5. Decent story.

Android and iOS Versión

  1. Decent minigames.
  2. Good graphics by Android and iOS standards,also maintains the artistic style better than Wii's version.
  3. The simple minigames are easy to learn and have good controls and are easy to get coupons.
  4. The dialogues and text boxes are fun and have the essence of the animated series and a bit of the original show.
  5. You can use in the game items if you play or you can get them in the store and the items work well.


The game received mostly mixed to negative reviews, on LevelUp has a 5/10 due the little variety of mini-games, almost no dialogue, insufficient explanations for certain challenges, repetitive music, the artificial intelligence and the little content, some users on YouTube gave it a 3/10,Zebitas Martinex said the Wii version has many errors to consider it even acceptable,but liked the Android and iOS version though critical of the bad controls the game has.





20 days ago
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At least this thing is better than the Atrevete a Soñar game.


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Did the developers even know that the Wii was dead at this point?!


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Mexico is uninformed, so they didn't know the Wii was already dead.

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