Eek! The Cat

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Eek! The Cat
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Cumbaya, what an awful game!
Genre: Platform, Strategy
Platforms: Amiga (As Sleepwalker)
SNES (As Eek! The Cat)
Release Date: 1993 (As Sleepwalker)
1994 (As Eek! The Cat)
Developer: CTA Developments
Publisher: Ocean Software
Franchise: N/A
Previous Game: N/A
Next Game: N/A

Eek! The Cat is a 1994 game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System published by Ocean and developed by CTA Developments based off the American-Canadian series of the same name. It is a revised port of Sleepwalker, a 1993 video game previously released on the Commodore Amiga.

Why It Sucks

  1. The gameplay is confusing and horrible.
  2. The only changes to the game from Sleepwalker are the graphics and the addition of music.
  3. It's an escort mission game, which is a genre that shouldn't exist.
  4. Escorting the character is a chore.
  5. Even though the game looks impressive, the graphics are unfortunately very dark!
  6. The levels are themed after episodes from the show, but they aren't consistant with the themes of said episodes. For example, in "HallowEEK!", you are guiding Eek's family in the chicken suit. However, in the episode it's based off of, Eek spends most of his time helping Cryptey find his family, and when he does guide his family in the episode, he does via being the head of the suit, rather than guiding them from the outside. Having the player guide Cryptey through the level would have made more sense.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game looks impressive for 1994.
  2. The music is great.
  3. The intro in the SNES version is very impressive for SNES standards re-creating the intro of the Eek! The Cat cartoon show and uses both awesome Mode 7 effects/limited animation similar to a TurboGrafx-CD/Sega CD cut scene intro.


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