E.T.: Digital Companion

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E.T. Digital Companion is a 2001 digital game developed by Powerhead Games and published by NewKidCo and released for the Game Boy Color in 2001. It used the E.T. The Extra Terrestrial license.

Why It Sucks

  1. False Advertising: The Game Boy Color-only error warning message if you play on older Game Boy models implied it was a "game".
  2. It was not an actual video game. This is just an address book, a calendar, a clock, a "To-Do" list and a series of mini games.
  3. Poor graphics.
  4. It was released in 2001. It's late for a Game Boy Color game.
  5. No Game Boy Advance version of the game exists.
  6. Awful title screen music.
  7. Why make a video game based on a movie released 19 years prior?
  8. Adding on to Point 7, this game has nothing to do with the movie except the title, character, and in-game background image.

Reedeeming qualities

  1. Before the advent of smartphones, this made an actually good PDA.