Dungeon Keeper (2014)

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Dungeon Keeper
The hellish Dungeon, filled with microtransactions taken in by Keepers.
Genre(s): Strategy
Platform(s): Android
Release: January 30, 2014
Developer(s): Mythic Entertainment
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Country: United States
Series: Dungeon Keeper
Predecessor: Dungeon Keeper Online (by release date)
Dungeon Keeper 3 (chronologically)

Dungeon Keeper is a 2014 strategy game developed by Mythic Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts for Android and iOS devices.

The game is free-to-play (Freemium) and EA provides an official website featuring among others, a forum and in-game information.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible gameplay pacing.
  2. Boring plot.
  3. Cutscenes with rapping that try too hard to be cheesy.
  4. Repetitive maps.
  5. It is unfaithful to the original series, and acts like it serves as a middle finger to the original franchise.
  6. Gross abuse of microtransactions. Despite being free-to-play, you have to pay a lot to unlock and see everything. In fact, there are so many microtransactions that it's illegal to call this a free game in some countries.
  7. At launch, some blocks required you to wait for 24 hours, unless you paid a copious amount to unlock them. The timer was eventually reduced to 12 hours, but that's still bad.
  8. The game has advertisements asking you to rate the game 5 stars for the game to continue development, and rating it below that doesn't count your rating. This led to accusations of EA fraudulently manipulating the game's rating system and its subsequent score on mobile storefronts.
  9. As yet another massive "Screw You!" to fans of the original game, Bullfrog Productions' logo was used as an indicator of a destroyed room.
  10. It killed the Dungeon Keeper franchise.


Dungeon Keeper was universally panned by game critics and reviewers. On Metacritic, the game has a "generally unfavorable" critical rating of 42/100 on the review aggregating website Metacritic. Jim Sterling of The Escapist called it "A cynically motivated skeleton of a non-game" and "a scam", with the game deemed unplayable without spending money to speed up progress.

The Angry Joe listing as #5 for the Worst Games of 2014 and Angry Joe declared EA as "Dirty cash whoring wallet rapping brains."

The game's advert was banned in the UK following a complaint by the Advertising Standards Authority.



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