Dunami Mario Forever Engine

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Dunami Mario Forever Engine
Dunami Mario Forever Engine.png
The first Mario Forever engine ever, but a bit failed.
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: 2011 (Original source)
2012 (Mario Forever version)
Developer: Radel999
Publisher: Radel999
Made in: Poland
Franchise: Mario Forever Engine

Dunami Mario Forever Engine (also known as Radel999 Mario Forever Engine) is a game engine created by Radel999, and firstly released in 2011 as original source, with a Mario Forever version being released one year later. It's a Mario Forever engine which lets people make their own Mario Forever fan-game.

Bad Qualities

  1. For starters, the engine's controls are slippery, making Mario hard to control. There's also a weird thing where Mario walks in place when both "Left" and "Right" keys are pressed, which is weird, especially for a Mario Forever engine released in 2011 and 2012.
  2. Sometimes you can fall from platforms for no reason when Mario's standing on it, resulting in a cheap death, even if you didn't press any buttons.
  3. The beetroot's behavior is weird. It can sometimes bounce all over the place if there are a few blocks, and it can sometimes refuse to stop bouncing if you would want to kill an enemy without jumping on it.
  4. Sometimes the fan-game made with this engine can lag in levels, which would take longer to beat this level. Heck, the platforms can even have a better chance to fall if you are standing on them.
  5. Sometimes the Hammer Bro can reappear not on the ground if he's placed, but on the top if he will be off-screen and on-screen again, which is weird, as Hammer Bros do not have teleporting powers.
  6. The engine is completetly glitchy and buggy, due to the things mentioned in the previous reasons. This can make the difficulty be atrocious due to glitches and bugs of the engine.
  7. Jumping from a top to stomp the Hammer Bro is dangerous, as you can get hit even if you kill him, or even lose a life. However, sometimes this thing happens, sometimes not.
  8. Sometimes if an enemy is on a block or a platform and stop walking on them, the enemy will fly and walk in mid-air, due to how this engine is glitchy and buggy, as mentioned in BQ#6.
  9. While the graphics are taken from the original Mario Forever, the font that says "Engine V.2" is lazy and poor. It's just a generic font with pink color without any effects, like darker lines to make it look like it has an effect.

Good Qualities

  1. It's the first Mario Forever engine ever created that can make people do their own Mario Forever fan-games, and it deserves appreciation.
  2. The graphics are still awesome, as they came from original Mario Forever, with some being custom, like the font in main menu. The background in the main menu itself looks good for a Mario Forever engine.
  3. The engine has a password option, which is the only Mario Forever engine that uses this option, not other ones, like Syzxchulun's World 10 Engine or Rainbow Engine Mod.


Dunami Mario Forever Engine received mixed reviews. Some people say that it's a mediocre engine due to slippery controls, while some people say that it's a good engine with some flaws.


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