Duke Nukem: Critical Mass

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Duke Nukem: Critical Mass
Duke nukem critical.jpg
"Damn, you're ugly." - Duke Nukem (speaking to the above game).
Genre: Shooter
Platforms: Nintendo DS
PlayStation Portable (unreleased)
Release Date: EU: April 8, 2011
NA: June 6, 2011
AU: July 7, 2011
Developer: Frontline Studios
Publisher: Deep Silver
Apogee Software
Made in: Poland
Franchise: Duke Nukem
Previous Game: Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Next Game: Duke Nukem Forever (by release date)

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass is a shooter game developed by Frontline Studios, and co-published by Deep Silver and Apogee Software for the Nintendo DS. The PlayStation Portable version began development, however it was never released.

It was the first entry of a planned trilogy, which had Duke travelling through time. It is no surprise that the two sequels were cancelled as a result of this game's abysmal reception, and it is also no surprise that the developer of this game closed its doors shortly after release.

Why It Sucks

  1. Duke's one liners are lousy, and the writing is uninteresting.
  2. Awful graphics with blocky models, awful textures, and pixelated backgrounds. In fact, the graphics can be compared to the PlayStation Duke Nukem games, Duke Nukem: Time To Kill and Duke Nukem: Land Of The Babes. And the N64 game Duke Nukem: Zero Hour.
  3. The game has many different gameplay styles, and none of them actually work well.
  4. Limited enemy variation.
  5. The side scrolling run and gun gameplay is extremely bare bones, since you can only shoot in a straight line. The camera is also close to the action, causing you to get killed by enemies you can't even see.
  6. Forgettable rock music (except the theme song).
  7. It tries way too hard to be Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, but it fails horribly.
  8. The game, just like Duke Forever, was in development hell for a while. The game was supposed to be part of a trilogy and not only for DS, but also PSP, but PSP version got cancelled, the trilogy never came, and you can see why by just looking at the final result.
  9. Horrible controls. For example, you must use the stylus to aim.
  10. The enemy death animations drag out for too long.
  11. The cover system adds nothing to the game.
  12. Lacks the charm and personality of the older titles.


Duke Nukem: Critical Mass received negative reviews. On Metacritic, it received a 29/100 rating from critics, GamesTM gave it 4/10, NGamer and ONM both gave it 29%, while Metro gave it 2/10.


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