DuLuDuBi Star

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DuLuDuBi Star
Genre(s): 3D Platformer
Platform(s): PC
Release: 2008
Developer(s): Shenzhen Huaqiang Game Software Co.
Publisher(s): Fantawild

DuLuDuBi Star is a 3D platforming game released in 2008 for the PC. It was developed by Shenzhen Huaqiang Game Software Co. and published by Fantawild. This game is extremely similar to Super Mario Galaxy and was created to promote Fantawild's brand of theme parks.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is a shameless ripoff of Super Mario Galaxy with lower movement speed and mobility options.
  2. Frustrating level design with no real gimmicks that differentiate them from real Super Mario Galaxy's galaxies.
  3. The game reuses its own levels as early as the third level.
  4. The sound effects are stolen from other sources. For example, DuLuDuBi's voice clips for when he jumps, attacks, gets hurt, or collects this game's equivalent of Power Stars are directly stolen from Klonoa.
  5. The music was also stolen from other sources. The overworld theme is the actual Jeopardy! thinking music (a 1986 rendition from a Television’s Greatest Hits CD, to be precise; it was famously used in several Saturday Night Live Celebrity Jeopardy! skits as well) the first boss music is Cross Sword from Princess Crown, and the bonus music is a shorter version of Tower of Balue from, believe it or not, Klonoa. The game even has a track stolen from the 2008 Studio Ghibli film, Ponyo (specifically the track "Deep Sea Pastures").
  6. There is no button that centers the camera behind DuLuDuBi. Instead, you press Q or E to force the camera into one of four specific positions, none of which are as useful as the former option. You can also slowly rotate the camera using the scroll wheel.
  7. Unlike the Super Mario Galaxy games, you cannot point the cursor at enemies to shoot them with special currency.
  8. The cursor is Mario's glove cursor from Mario Paint, and the game has arrow sprites stolen from Dance Dance Revolution. The world map even has Mario's question mark boxes.
  9. When DuLuDuBi jumps, he cannot turn in mid-air to change his direction.
  10. If you fall through the middle of a planet, you will die instead of appearing on the other side of the planet. What's worse, there are no gravity wells that would indicate the lethal consequences of this action.
  11. Dreadful collision detection can cause you to get stuck inside world objects.
  12. The bosses of this game include ripoffs of Dino Piranha and Kamek.
  13. Enemies have annoying sound effects and even rip off Bullet Bills and Piranha Plants!
  14. Extra life pickups are everywhere.
  15. Levels with a time limit have a low error margin because of DuLuDuBi's horrible mobility.
  16. You can visit duplicate planets in different galaxies.
  17. If you get a game over, you are booted to the main menu and must click start, wait for the hub world to load, run to the zone entrance, pick a galaxy, pick a level and wait for the level to load. It would be better if it just put you at the start of the level you just died on.
  18. The main villain is a generic evil octopus reminiscent of Octodad.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Good character models.



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