Drunkn Bar Fight

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Drunkn Bar Fight
Drunkn Bar Fight's official logo.jpg
This is what being drunk actually feels like in real life.
Genre: Indie, Action, Beat-Em-Up, FPS, VR
Platforms: Oculus Rift
HTC Vive
Windows Mixed Reality
PlayStation VR
Release Date: Steam Early Access:
November 28, 2016
PlayStation VR:
February 13, 2018
Developer: The Munky
Publisher: The Munky

Drunkn Bar Fight is an indie first-person beat-em-up VR game developed and published by The Munky, a really small indie software development company specializing in virtual reality. It was released on Steam Early Access on November 28, 2016, before receiving a PlayStation VR port on February 13, 2018. According to Keith Kirby from The Munky, this game is made in Unity and uses Final IK plugin from Rootmotion for Ragdolls.

Why It Intentionally Sucks

NOTE: This game is intentionally made to be bad and is currently on Steam Early Access, so some of the WIS may be outdated by then.

  1. Ugly graphics for a VR game.
  2. Punches sometimes don't register properly.
  3. It is extremely easy to destroy your controllers and your items around you and injure yourself if you don't give yourself enough space to engage in the brawls.
  4. On some levels with police officers, the game will end if you knock out just two people out of self-defense.
  5. Clunky controls for finger gestures and picking up items.
  6. The game gets boring and repetitive after a while, once you've unlocked and mastered all the available scenarios.
  7. Glitchy at times.
  8. Input lag whenever you whip an opponent.
  9. Multiplayer Mode, which was recently introduced, has connection issues and can sometimes cause your character to be warped and deformed like a crab, which Draegast and Ctop discovered.
  10. Weird object and ragdoll physics
  11. No scoring or combo system whatsoever.
  12. Your character is so weak that he gets knocked out super-easily with just a flick of the wrist to the head!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As stated earlier, this game is supposed to be bad.
  2. The gameplay is surprisingly solid if you look past its flaws.
  3. The game received regular updates that fixed the glitches and added rounds, so as to encourage you and your friends to compete with each other to see who can knock out the most people.
  4. You can flip off your enemies.
  5. Just like MadWorld, the game highly encourages you to find creative ways to defeat your opponents. For example, just simply knocking them out with repeated punches is not as satisfying as smashing a tip jar into their face before stabbing them in the crotch with a dart and then throwing them out of the window would.
  6. You can pick up innocent bystanders and use them as baseball bats and human shields.
  7. This is the first game made by The Munky, a really small software development company specializing in virtual reality.
  8. You can use LITERALLY anything as weapons: pool cues, pool balls, tip jars, you name it!
  9. It is hilariously satisfying to watch your opponents flail about and fly around in awkward poses when you hit them really hard.
  10. Just like MDickie, The Munky listens to their fans and doesn't react negatively to criticism - the same of which can't be said for a certain indie studio...