Drome Racers

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Drome Racers
Now, on the list of LEGO licensed games that are not okay, that was really not okay! And yes, that was a Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends reference.
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo GameCube
Release: November 20, 2002
Developer(s): Attention to Detail
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Lego Interactive
THQ (Game Boy Advance)
Series: Drome Racers
Predecessor: Lego Racers 2 (predecessor)

Drome Racers is a racing game developed by Attention to Detail and published by Electronic Arts and Lego Interactive in 2002 originally for the PlayStation 2 and PC, and later in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube.

It's based on the Lego Racers' Drome Racers subtheme. The Drome Racers' storyline is set in the futuristic setting of 2015, and it follows Max Axel, a young racer, competing in the MCR (Multi Challenge Race)s. It does not follow the storyline of Lego Racers or Lego Racers 2, though the Lego Racers 2 game can be considered this game's predecessor.

Why It Sucks

  1. Little to no replay value. There are no unlockables whatsoever in the game.
  2. Has little original content.
  3. Extremely repetitive.
  4. Poor sound effects.
  5. The GBA version's graphics look flat and boring.
  6. It is not related to, or follows the two previous Lego Racers games, even though ATD developed it, who had also developed Lego Racers 2. You can tell because real human models are used for characters in Drome Racers when in the original Lego Racers games, the characters are Lego minifigure characters. Having a Lego game, TV series with human models are great, as the later Lego Friends would later use this style, and Drome Racers' comics use this style, but poorly executed by this game (see reason #18).
  7. Bad graphics, even for 2002 standards. The GameCube version doesn't improve them ether.
  8. Clunky car physics and handling.
  9. The game is far too easy, and gives no challenge for the player at all.
  10. Only a small amount of unique customization features, from limited color options to upgrading your performance of a car, compared to it's predecessors.
  11. The cars are always very hard to control which is very frustrating.
    • If you decide to use the Pulse Concept on Time Trial, getting the perfect time you want may prove too difficult.
  12. Off-road cars in particular are also very hard to control due to their poor handling.
  13. Any road car (Pulse Concept, G-Force and Torq Racer) you drive controls like it's on ice and slippery, causing you to make mistakes a lot.
  14. The power ups in the game are ridiculous. There's one that basically makes your car a hovercar, but when you hit walls with it, you get stuck on the wall and it's useless. What's worse is that a drone slows down your car and causes the HUD to disappear. But the drone sometimes causes your HUD to be a glitchy mess, causing it to reappear and disappear.
  15. No difficulty setting.
  16. Small amount of cars to choose from.
  17. While the game has a Championship known as MCR (short for Multi Challenge Race) mode instead of having a plot that is required to progress through the game, that feature is quickly exhausted by the fact that it is very short. Once you have completed one race or complete the whole MCR, you've pretty much seen what the game's modes have to offer due to its boring race modes which can be quickly exhausted.
  18. The MCR menus have bad character models and emotionless voice acting.
  19. It is nothing but an extremely boring racing game that failed to make itself fun for players.
  20. Quantity over Quality: The entire game focuses on making the modes large instead of what you can actually do with the modes. Even then, the modes are a wasted potential.
  21. No sequel to the game was released, it would have happened if Attention to Detail hadn't filed for administration after making the GameCube port of this game (it was also ATD's last game anyway).
  22. No free roam which it's predecessors Lego Racers and Lego Racers 2 had.
  23. You can't change any of the quick race options yourself.
  24. The cars, like the Pulse Concept were not made in to, real Drome Racers sets. With no instructions how to build the former car, that means you'll have to buy Drome Racers parts to build that car yourself.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Amazing techno and rock soundtrack, such as Array.
  2. The idea of a Lego game being put in a futuristic setting was an awesome concept.
  3. Some of the cars in the game were made into real Lego Drome Racers sets.


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