Driver 2

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Driver 2
It may have been fun to play this game back in 2000, but it hasn't aged well.
Genre: Driving, Action-Adventure
Platforms: PlayStation
Game Boy Advance
Release Date: PlayStation
NA: 14 November 2000
EU: 17 November 2000

Game Boy Advance
EU: 4 October 2002
NA: 22 October 2002
Developer: Reflections Interactive (PS)
Sennari Interactive (GBA)
Publisher: Infogrames
Franchise: Driver
Previous Game: Driver
Next Game: Driver 3

Driver 2 (subtitled The Wheelman is Back in North America, and Back on the Streets in Europe) is a 2000 action-adventure game developed by Reflections Interactive for PlayStation and Sennari Interactive for Game Boy Advance, and published by Infogrames. This page will focus on the PlayStation version.

Bad Qualities

  1. It doesn't really offer anything new to the franchise.
  2. The graphics look worse than the first game, despite the game being released on two discs. The vehicles look very boxy, and the geometry tearing is worse than the first Tomb Raider.
  3. Even though Tanner can get out of the car, there is nothing much to do when walking on foot outside car-jacking, and he has tank controls.
  4. Poor frame rate and terrible graphic pop up. It almost never runs at a smooth frame rate, and the pop up is so bad, entire city blocks can pop up ahead of you.
  5. Draw distance is atrocious. You can't see very far ahead, and because there's graphic pop up, it's an indication that the developers didn't even bother to mask it.
  6. The difficulty is ridiculously unbalanced; the first four missions are okay, but then the fifth mission takes a massive leap in difficulty! From then on, it just jumps around never maintaining a smooth difficulty curve.
  7. Unfair AI; enemies and police just hurtle straight towards you at high speeds, and the impact is impossible the avoid, which is especially aggravating during a chase mission. Also not helped by the awful draw distance.
  8. Some missions don't make sense; an example is the second mission in Rio where you have to steal a police car. You need the car for next mission, but you can't leave the one you stole from the police station. Why can't you steal another cop car when the one you stole gets smashed to bits???
  9. All but two missions are timed for some reason. While some missions have a good reason for having them, chase, rescue, and tailing missions do not need time limits! Aren't we under enough pressure as it is? On top of that, the time limits for some missions are extremely strict.
  10. Take a Ride doesn't really offer much in the way of gameplay, the only thing to do is search for the secret cars in each city. That's it.
  11. The GBA version is the worst offender, as the framerate is very poor and choppy, the cars lack damage models due to hardware limitations, the music and sound effects are ear-bleedingly loud, and the graphics are poor even by the handheld console's standards.

Good Qualities

  1. The FMV cutscenes look really good for the time.
  2. Four new cities to play in: Chicago, Havana, Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro.
  3. Good music, especially during police chases.
  4. A good selection of cars to drive, including secret cars such as the 1970 Buick GSX (it can be found somewhere in Chicago).
  5. Some missions transition from day to night, which is a nice touch.
  6. The driving mini-games are quite fun, especially Survival mode. It's really funny to watch your car get bashed around like a pinball.


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