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The game indeed drew itself to death.

Drawn to Death was a 2017 multi-player third person shooter, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by SIE San Diego Studio and The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, released for the PlayStation 4.

Servers for Drawn to Death were shutdown on March 25th, 2019. Due to the game having an online focus, it is no longer possible to play the game.

Why It Sucked

  1. The level design was very poor.
  2. A complete lack of content, only consisting of a few maps and characters to choose from.
  3. The game was boring after 2 hours.
  4. Weak AI.
  5. Poor music.
  6. Characters don't even move well, being unresponsive, and with melee attacks not working.
  7. Most of the guns were unbalanced at launch. There were some weapons that took forever to kill a player. Others were overpowered.
  8. Due to the game's unfinished state, the game was very buggy and would frequently crash.
  9. The humor was very insulting and immature, riddled with edgy jokes and unfunny gags. In a matter of fact, a video on David Jaffe's YouTube page was uploaded where one of the game's characters read through negative comments about the game's announcement on Giant Bomb and insults them!
  10. It somewhat killed David Jaffe's career.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The idea of a game taking place in a teenager's high school notebook is very interesting.
  2. A well done art style.


Drawn to Death received mixed reviews from critics, holding a Metacritic score of 56.

Despite being free for PlayStation Plus users in July of 2017, the game had suffered from a low player base, and the game was considered a flop.



Mr. Tenno

22 months ago
Score 1
Interesting concept, poor ecxetcution.


20 months ago
Score 3
The dude behind this game is basically a next-gen Phil Fish, except instead of whiteknighting Zoe Quinn, he's whiteknighting lootboxes, microtransactions, and paid DLC.

Mr. Tenno

20 months ago
Score 1
Oh I guess this is Jaffe's downfall


2 months ago
Score 0
I prefer playing Drawn to Life instead!


one month ago
Score 0
David Jaffe, please bring back Twisted Metal.

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