Dragon City (2017-present)

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Dragon City (2017-present)
Dragon City logo.jpeg
Genre(s): Social Network Game
Platform(s): Facebook
Microsoft Windows
Release: May 2012 (Facebook)
2013 (Android and iOS)
February 26, 2016 (Microsoft Windows)
Discontinuation: February 2, 2020 (Facebook)
Developer(s): Socialpoint
Publisher(s): Socialpoint

Dragon City is a social network game developed and published by Social Point. In the game, you collect and breed dragons while also building things for your island. The game is one of the most popular Facebook and mobile games. This article will detail the quality of the game nowadays.

Why It Sucks Now

Note: Many of these pointers may be attributed to Take-Two Interactive's acquisition of Socialpoint in 2017.

  1. The game favors a pay-to-win model, as it is infested with microtransactions, ridiculous pricing for in-game items, and other tactics to try and milk the player's wallet.
    • As you build more and more habitats, you will have to pay more and more gold until you have to start forking out gems.
    • The piggy bank mechanic. The whole gist of it is that the player purchases the piggy bank after collecting 60 gems by performing certain tasks and the piggy bank will collect gems from doing certain tasks and offer them to the player in actual money.
    • A while ago, there used to be a pack of free Dragon Cards that was able to be obtained once a day or by using tickets earned from winning PvP leagues. However, it was later removed, and the only way to buy Dragon Cards now is to fork out real money. On top of that, the cards essentially act as loot boxes.
    • VIP Dragons. The name says it all. Rather than paying with gems, you have to pay with actual money to obtain them. To make matters ridiculously worse, they are extremely overpriced, going for $20, and have a "Remaining Units" bar to further pressure the player into buying them.
    • The waiting periods, especially in the Coliseum Quests, can be ridiculously long.
    • If you put a building that requires the assistance of friends to build into storage, you have to get your in-game friends or use gems to fill in the slots necessary to reactivate it once you put it back out.
    • You are forced to pay an offer every time you level up, which can get repetitive
  2. Just like Monster Legends, some of the dragons look similar to Pokémon in a way.
    • The Nenufar Dragon looks a bit similar to the Bulbasaur evolution line.
  3. The events in this game are constantly back-to-back, giving players no chance to prepare for the next event. On top of that, a majority of the events nowadays only consist of the same two formulas: mazes and freeing dragons from cages and guiding them to the end of their paths. Not only are they old, but they also force players to do tutorials every time the event is clicked on for the first time. Thankfully, in later updates you can skip tutorials.
    • New dragons are also released almost non-stop, so good luck trying to keep the Dragon Book 100% completed on a consistent basis.
  4. The PvP elements of the game are a cheap knockoff of Pokémon. Unlike Pokémon, where the CPU-controlled Pokémon use different moves throughout the battle, the opponents in Dragon City just spam the same move over and over again until either side dies or if the player changes to a dragon whose primary element is weak or not weak to any of the CPU's moves.
  5. The Heroic Dragons make the game’s PvP leagues too hard for players who do not own one of them should one of the players have a Heroic Dragon on their team.
  6. You are not able to sell food farms once you place them. This can lead to a load of clutter that cannot be removed if you buy a lot of them.
  7. The number of time-limited dragons far outweighs the number of dragons that are able to be bred in the game.
    • Granted, Social Point has recently made some of these dragons breedable, but even those dragons require time-limited or even VIP dragons in order to be bred!
  8. Upon opening the game, you’ll have to close a ton of popups promoting sales for in-game items, bonus rewards, friend invites, etc.
  9. Some of the designs of the dragons barely even qualify as dragons. Some dragons, such as the Cactus Dragon or Spicy Dragon, are just random objects with a face and dragon parts slapped on.
  10. Some dragons are reskins of other dragons. Perhaps the most notorious example of this is the Flame Dragon, who is reskinned into the Cool Fire, Katsumoto, Medieval, and Wax Dragons.
  11. Some of the concepts for the dragons are ridiculous. There are dragons themed around careers, celebrities, everyday objects, hobbies, and even poop. Some of the names of the dragons, like the Dangerosaur Dragon, are also laughably bad.
    • Additionally, there are far too many dragons that reference things like movies, video game characters, celebrities and singers, and even YouTubers. Heck, one of the dragons, specifically the Vulpine Dragon, is literally just Haku's dragon form from Spirited Away with almost no changes whatsoever!
      • However, some movie/game themed dragons were later changed into more original dragons, probably due to them not being relevant. (For example, the Sackman Dragon was changed to the Ranger Dragon, the Bluebolt dragon was changed into the Nineties Dragon.)
  12. Some of the assets were stolen, including the Minecraft sprites, like the Pig, Chicken, Steve, and the Zombie.
  13. Because of newer dragons being released non-stop, they tend to reskin Adult Dragon skins into Young Dragon skins and they almost have the same appearance. This is also applied to Monster Legends, though no reskin happens. This shows that SocialPoint is really lazy to do artworks for Young Dragon skins.
  14. Several adverts for the game show an AR feature being used to obtain dragons. This feature is not included in the full game.
  15. Popular YouTubers are always getting dragons in game to milk their popularity. Preston, Socksfor1, Dhar Mann and even MrBeast got a dragon!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The graphics and the design and animation of most of the dragons are nice. The designs of some of the more recently released dragons are especially stellar.
  2. The old music was nice to listen to.
  3. At least the time where you pay gems became cheap in later updates when you breed, hatch and even build.
  4. As said before, you can now skip tutorials in events.


  • The Facebook version was closed on February 2, 2020.


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