Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

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Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World
How did Bandai and Dimps manage to screw everything up?!
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Release Date: NA: November 4, 2008
EU: December 5, 2008
JP: December 4, 2008
Developer: Dimps
Publisher: Bandai
Franchise: Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World is a 2008 fighting game and (technically) the last installment of the Budokai series.

Bad Qualities

  1. Making a DBZ game on the PS2 was pointless, because Burst Limit came before on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in the same year.
  2. It's just a lazy reskin of Budokai 3 using the same animations, voice clips, and Ultimate attacks.
  3. No World Tournament mode, one of the highlights from the Budokai series.
  4. The Story mode is filled with lame, dumb minigames, one involves going through portals, one has you clicking buttons at the right time, and others are fight objectives.
  5. You can't perform Ultimate attacks properly because the controls are rather delayed.
  6. Poorly-animated cutscenes, even by 2008 standards.
  7. The game looks worse than Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with plastic-looking models and blurry textures.
  8. Watered down Capsule system, with the slots being dedicated to each type of item, rather than allowing you to use whatever sort of capsule you want to have on your skill list.
  9. Recycled music tracks from the previous Budokai games and the first Budokai Tenkaichi game (which the composer, Kenji Yamamoto, got accused for plagiarising many tracks from real artists).
  10. Confusing controls.
  11. The only way to get Zeni (the game's currency) now is by beating missions in the Story mode.
  12. The Ultimate moves without cutscenes look lame, and will be hard to notice if the opponent is performing an Ultimate.
  13. Watered-down gameplay compared to Budokai 3.
  14. The difficulty is rather unbalanced.
  15. There are some bugs and glitches.
  16. Due to its mini-games, it makes Story Mode hard to finish at 100%.
  17. Some animations are choppy.
  18. Bland map screen.
  19. There are no instructions given automatically, instead you need to highlight them to read them.
  20. The Ultimate attacks can be hard to complete due to the way how they were implemented in comparison to Budokai 3.
  21. It effectively killed the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series. (Not counting the HD remake of Budokai 1 and Budokai 3 released in the Budokai HD collection for Xbox 360 and PS3 released 4 years later after this.)

Good Qualities

  1. Good soundtrack.
  2. Good voice acting.
  3. It does let you have more characters now.
  4. The infamous and annoying Dragon Rush mode from Budokai 3 is removed.
  5. The game can be fun at times.


The game was met with negative reception from critics, gamers, and Dragon Ball fans. However, some Dragon Ball fans tend to like it, but not all of them. On Metacritic, the game has a 48% rating, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews", while the audience score is a 8.0 out of 10 indicating "generally favorable reviews".




Mr. Dready

12 months ago
Score 1
Still better than: Ultimate Tenkaichi and Battle of Z.

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