Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout

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Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout
"A customer ordered a medium soda, and I gave him a large! I gave him a large! I've soiled the good Krusty Krab name! Soiled it! Soiled it! Soiled it! Soiled it!" - Bandai
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: PlayStation
Release Date: JP: August 25, 1997
EU: November 6, 1997
NA: July 29, 1997
JP: July 20, 2000 (The Best)
EU: October 4, 2002 (Reprint)
NA: August 24, 2004 (Reprint)
Developer: TOSE Software Co.
Publisher: Bandai
Atari (2004 reprint)
Franchise: Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (released in Europe and Japan as: Dragon Ball: Final Bout) is a fighting game for the Sony PlayStation based on the anime Dragon Ball GT. It was developed by TOSE Software Co. and released by Bandai in Japan, Europe and North America in 1997.

Why It Sucks

  1. Choppy camera movement. One moment, it's focusing on the sky, and the next, it's focusing on one of the characters.
  2. Terrible controls. Every time you press a button to attack, there is a two-second delay before the player's character attacks.
  3. The only moves in this game are punching, kicking, poor ranged attacks and random flurries. Meteor Smash combos and other attacks are hard if not impossible to pull off.
  4. The flying mechanics are poorly executed, as it only causes both players to have a hard time hitting each other.
  5. It's possible to stun lock the enemy with projectiles sometimes.
  6. Beam struggles require crazy amounts of button mashing.
  7. The AI will sometimes go past your character when attacking and attack without you even being close to the opponent.
  8. There's a mechanic that allows your opponent to execute up to ten Meteor Smash combos without much time given to escape them.
  9. Horrible animations.
  10. Some of the characters have extremely broken moves, some allow for infinite combos.
  11. Cheap CPU. However, at some points, it feels like the AI also has problems controlling the game.
  12. Kid Buu is called Boo in the U.S. version as he was a ghost from Mario.
  13. There is a glitch where your opponent can take down your character with just one punch.
  14. The hidden characters are all alternate versions of Goku and Trunks to the point that, in the roster, there are six versions of Goku, along with three versions of Trunks. As there are only 17 playable characters, this means that more than half of the entire roster is comprised of Goku and Trunks clones!
  15. Ugly graphics, looking more like a 1994 Sega Saturn game, and even for 1997.
  16. Poor voice acting. For example, in the NTSC-U version, "Saiyan" is mispronounced as "Say-Anne". Since the English voices do not appear in the PAL version, this isn't an issue there.
    • To make matters worse, none of the actors from the English dub of the Dragon Ball series reprised their roles, like they would usually do for most Dragon Ball games.
    • "Say-Anne" used to be the American pronunciation before the Funimation dub turned it into "Say-en". The European and non-American English dubs always pronounced it similarly to the Japanese version.
  17. Why is the U.S. version called Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout when, actually, only four characters (not counting alternate versions like Super Saiyan 4 Goku and the unplayable boss Great Ape Baby) are from Dragon Ball GT?
  18. Dreadful final boss fight against Great Ape Baby, as he has extreme range, speed and incredibly damaging attacks which means that you can barely attack him, his Revenge Death Ball takes 1/3 of your health, the fight is so poorly made that you can pass between his legs while trying to attack and he takes like 10% of the normal damage from everything that arent Supers. However, he can be stunlocked, but due to the low damage he takes, the fight can take a long time.
  19. No ending.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Awesome soundtrack in the Japanese version. Special mention goes to the opening theme, "The Biggest Fight" by Hironobu Kageyama (who also sang Dragon Ball Z's opening theme).


Akin to many Dragon Ball licensed games, the critical response to Final Bout was generally negative. Frequent criticisms included sluggish controls and an overly large amount of playable Goku incarnations.

The voice acting from the U.S. release (most notably Cell, and Vegeta) became internet memes due to how bad the lines are.


DXFan619's review



SSJ2 Gohan

13 months ago
Score 1
Geekdom101’s video sums up my thoughts on this game, kinda, cause I wasn’t born in the 90s


11 months ago
Score 1
I'm assuming that this and Ultimate Battle 22 are two reasons why TOSE software prefers to be a "Ghost developer".


11 months ago
Score -2
The Power level of Say-anne on Dragon Ball:Goku Time is 8000! Loooooooooollllllll


9 months ago
Score 1
There was a time when this game was pretty famous in my country, even after the release of dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3.


5 months ago
Score 1
I buy this game pirated at 5 cents in my country, i'm not kidding


2 months ago
Score 0

Oh man, i remember when i used to go with my father to some kind of bazaar where we could buy PS1 games for 5 or 20 pesos each.

Good times.


3 months ago
Score 0
Damn, this game aged horribly bad...!

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