Dragon's Lair (Game Boy Color)

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Dragon's Lair
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This is what happens when you try to convert an arcade game into a port that goes horribly wrong.
Platforms: Game Boy Color
Release Date: NA: January 15, 2001
EU: August 24, 2001
Developer: Digital Eclipse
Publisher: Capcom

Dragon's Lair is a 1983 arcade game developed and designed by Don Bluth and it was published by Cinematronics and it was released for the arcades. This page will cover the 2001 Game Boy Color version developed by Digital Eclipse and published by Capcom.

Why It Sucks

  1. Extremely low framerate.
  2. There's mostly no music at all, which is unacceptable for Game Boy Color standards.
  3. Only Princess Daphne had digitized speech.
  4. Poor sound effects, which makes the game extremely boring and annoying.
  5. It's a bland and digitized copy of the original FMV animation.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game is at least faithful to the original game's gameplay style, unlike Dragon's Lair for the NES.
  2. Most of the original FMV animation managed to be compressed to the Game Boy Color which was a console limited in hardware, which was never designed for this type of game.


The game received a 2.83 rating on GameFAQs.com.


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