Don't Buy This

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Don't Buy This
The Publisher of this compilation knows that these game are bad, but they released it anyways with this title and allowing it to be pirated. British comedy at its finest.
Genre: Multicart games
Platforms: ZX Spectrum
Release Date: 1985
Developer: Unknown
Publisher: Firebird
Franchise: N/A

Don't Buy This is a ZX Spectrum video game compilation released in 1985. As described on the box, it contains five of the poorest games submitted to Firebird.

Instead of rejecting the submissions, they decided to mock the original developers by releasing them together and publicly brand it as "unoriginal" and "awful". Firebird even disowned all their copyright to the game and encouraged buyers to pirate it at will.


  • Fido 1: A game where the player controls a dog named Fido to defeat moles and birds to protect an area for several levels.
  • Fido 2: Puppy Power: In addition to Fido being able to defeat enemies with its tail, used as an attack in the previous game, Fido can now shoot laser beams from its eyes in order to destroy other enemies and gain health.
  • Fruit Machine: The player controls an animated, low-resolution slot machine with reels that spin rather slowly. The instructions sarcastically describe the game as a "mysterious, original new game that requires skill, timing, nerve and absolute concentration".
  • Race Ace: A racing game where the player controls a light blue race car that can only turn 90 and 180-degree angles. The game is impossible to win, regardless of the speed setting of the player's car because the computer-controlled cars advance more quickly every time the player turns.
  • Weasel Willy: A game where a "weasel" has to avoid trees that are completely green and its own large, uniform footprints. The trees spawn in random locations whenever a level starts, so the "weasel" may be blocked by trees, preventing the player from being able to play the level.


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